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Why A Professional Janitorial Service Cannot Be Beaten By An In-house Cleaning Staff

by Jones Boys on 01/10/19

When it comes to keeping your business buildings clean, you always have the option of hiring your own in-house cleaning staff, or working with a dedicated janitorial company like ours. Of course we’d like to think that Jones Boys simply does it better than anyone else can, but there are some advantages to having your own staff for cleaning. We think the benefits of hiring an outside cleaning company are very attractive though, and we want to share those benefits with you. In the end, you'll see that an outside company cannot be beaten by in-house staff.

Here are FIVE important benefits of choosing to use an “outsourced” or dedicated janitorial cleaning company:

1. Avoid Employee Hassles. Remember, if you don’t need hire a cleaning staff, you won’t have to deal with all the added concerns of hiring more employees. That’s the time and cost of the hiring process, employment taxes, workers’ compensation, insurance and other benefits, and of course, the cost (in time or money) of managing your cleaning staff. With an outside service, you don’t have to pay all of these separate costs---the outside professional cleaner takes care of it. You also won’t need to handle hiring and firing employees constantly (in-house cleaning staff positions can have a tendency to be high-turnover positions).

2. No Need To Purchase Supplies. If you are a large facility, it’s possible that you could get bulk deals and warehouse cleaning supplies---chemicals, mops, machinery etc.---but in most cases, you will never match the buying power and efficiency that a professional cleaning company can obtain. Once again, it’s not only the idea that they keep this cost down and roll it into your price to hire them, but also, there’s NO HASSLE for you. Time is money and you won’t need to task someone in your company with having to gain expertise in what cleaning products work best and how to get the lowest costs.

3. Better Adjustment to Budget Changes. If your company were to invest in an in-house, hired staff, then a change in allocated budget for cleaning can throw your whole plan into chaos. An abrupt change in budget would likely cause you to need to reduce your staff and reassign work to the remaining staff members. With an outside company, you can merely change your schedule and/or change the frequency with which you ask certain tasks to be performed. With a responsive and responsible cleaning company (such as Jones Boys), it’s a pretty immediate change.

4. Savings on Training Needs. Based on what we’ve been outlining here, you can see that it also would not be your responsibility to make sure a cleaning job and best practices are understood and being followed. Professional janitorial service providers hire and train staff to be knowledgeable in the latest techniques and in most cases their level of experience cannot be matched by in-house workers.

5. Overall cost savings. All of the aforementioned points lead to general cost savings. The success of your program then lies with the quality of work performed by the janitorial service you are using. A good commercial cleaning company will be responsive in correcting issues, and will give you very few issues to begin with. If you find a cleaning company that really delivers, it’s nearly impossible to compete with an in-house staff when comparing the costs of each.

If you have a large enough company and considering whether to go in-house or get a separate company, well there are a few advantages to hiring your own staff. Usually, though, it is more of a luxury that gains in some small areas like added security, the pride of knowing they are a part of your business’ team, the ability to schedule their time directly and flexibly, and in some cases it fits certain facilities better (such as schools). But, give a company like us at Jones Boys an opportunity to present a customized program and quote----then allow us to show you how quickly and efficiently we solve problems and align to your specific cleaning needs---you’ll see there is really no way to be more cost-effective, and the results would be unbeatable.

Call on Jones Boys Maintenance as well, because we pull in cleaners with specialist abilities as well. Within our network of cleaners, we have the ability to do intermittent cleaning tasks with folks that specialize in that exact type of cleaning (experienced carpet extraction staff, for instance). We manage your cleaning program closely and we’d love to show you a high-level of cleaning performance, and customer service that makes you feel like you’re getting great value at every turn. If you live in Seattle or Bellevue areas, call Jones Boys for a customized cleaning program quote today!

Cultivating Partnerships in Commercial Cleaning Service the Jones Boys Way!

by Jones Boys on 07/19/18

Take a look around our website at and you’ll see that we take pride in our cleaning business. We provide a top-level service, whether it’s our work to keep businesses and large commercial customers cleaner than ever, or our key services to help maintain the roof, gutters, windows, and pressure washing needs of homes and smaller business buildings. As much as we are glad that we can deliver on the actual cleaning part, another whole side of what we do is what truly makes us invaluable to the clients and customers we work with. That other side? It’s in how we respond, stay connected, and check in with our ongoing client relationships. This is what makes the Jones Boys Maintenance Network extremely tough to beat, and much more valuable than even the most competitive quote.

Talking with some of our representatives, like Craig, who works with many of our ongoing commercial cleaning clients, there is no hesitation as to why Jones Boys gets and keeps more and more business every year. “We answer the call,” Craig says, “You’d be shocked how we gain and keep business just by picking up the phone.” Not just the phone---but that is also important. The phone call itself is a good place to start. Whether it’s the main office phone, usually handled by Lisa very quickly and courteously, or when clients call Craig or Richard Jones himself directly, you actually get a person who is ready to speak with you. For longer-time customers, you get someone who remembers you and what we do for your office, building, or facility. You might even be surprised how much we remember about the homeowners who only need us for roof and gutters once a year (Lisa loves to show just how much she values these folks’ business).

Of course, it isn’t just answering the phone that matters, it’s how we respond that shows our real value. When we agree to do a job, especially an ongoing maintenance and cleaning for a facility, we set up expectations that our client can bank on. If it seems that something is not meeting those expectations of quality, our people are quick to get on-site, get in touch with the folks involved, and solve the root of the problem. We’d love to be perfect, but no one really is. What Richard Jones and his network of cleaners CAN offer you is that we will work fast to correct ANY issues that may arise. That’s where Jones Boys’ value really lies----quality assurance.

We found an article online that spells out quite simply the kind of formula it takes to make sure we’re the best we can be for our clients. In an article entitled “How to Strengthen Relationships with Your Clients," Alyssa Gregory writes about SIX key points for developing key relationships for business. Jones Boys Maintenance Network not only does this with our clients, but also our network of cleaning specialists that we work to assign and facilitate all the cleaning tasks.

The first point in this article is to “Get to Know Your Clients,” and that’s why we begin with very thorough and customized cleaning quotes and schedules, but we go further to understand WHY a business must be kept clean---for what exact purpose. Then we “Do Exceptional Work,” and if we didn’t, we certainly wouldn’t have a 34-year history of success. Jones Boys makes a point to “Communicate With Clients Regularly,” which is where many of our competitors may fall short. We strive to be ultra-responsive (as this article states), not just in talking, but in responsive action! They mention to “Ask for Feedback” which we do constantly, both formally and informally with our clients and our cleaning staff, and to “Rely on Your Expertise,” which is how our 34 years of experience (plus all of the added experiences of the cleaners and reps we bring into the fold) comes to benefit Jones Boys customers year after year. And, once again, this article we found defines much of what we do, in that the end goal is to “Cultivate Partnerships.” That is EXACLTY what the Jones Boys Maintenance Network, it’s representatives, and it’s cleaning contractors are built to do.

Give us a call. We’ll answer. We’ll RESPOND. And, we are ready to cultivate a successful partnership with you and your business!

Quality Assurance in Facility Cleaning and "The Jones Boys Way"

by Jones Boys on 01/30/18

We have written a blog post on the 14 ways that Jones Boys provides value to our cleaning customers. It's not just something we write about though, it's actually part of our proposal to clean every facility or office that we come into contact with. Many of these points make customers feel like they are getting a great deal for the services we provide. Most importantly, it's the Jones Boys way of quality assurance that leaves commercial cleaning customers glad to have chosen us, and continuing on in a relationship with our service for decades in some cases.

According to, quality assurance is a "wider concept" than quality control, and it "covers all policies and systematic activities implemented within a quality system". That means, that the quality isn't just rated coldly on the cleaning results, but also how we go about serving you. It's more than just getting the job done, but also making sure that you continue to feel as if all the goals and commitments that were laid out at the beginning are reached. It's all about continuing to deliver for our customers.

Going back through our "14 ways that we provide value" list, it's no surprise to see that a majority of these important points, pertain directly to an assurance of quality. Here are a few of points that show our commitment to quality assurance, or "QA", as the industry refers to it:

#5. A Qualified & Highly-Trained Staff. You've got to remember that we are a "maintenance network" and that means that we get to go and find the very best cleaning pros in the area. We get cleaning businesses under our umbrella of service to you, and we hand-pick them for specific expertise, and they must CONTINUE providing high-level service for our customers. Our long-standing relationships with our cleaning personnel means that we've already found the best and any new cleaning outfits we work with, will always have to meet that standard.

#7. Regular Inspections. We trust our cleaning staff, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't be getting our own eyes on the results of their work for you. This simply provides a double-check that what you asked for, you are getting. And hey, honest mistakes happen. We do these inspections to make sure that you aren't dealing with every little tweak and fix, but that we are catching anything before you have to.

#8. Constant Communication and Follow-through. That last point leads perfectly into this one. With a Jones Boys agreement, comes excellent effort in communication to make sure small issues never become big issues. Work is done to your specifications, your business is happier and cleaner for longer. And most importantly, when you ask for it, we deliver it in a timely manner.

We are also, of course, licensed federally and locally (that's #2), fully bonded (#3), and insured with an A+ comprehensive insurer (#4), which ads even more assurance that no matter what happens, you are safe working with us.

This is "The Jones Boys Way", and we have been practicing it for 34 years now. Quality assurance has been the key to our success, and continues to be our main focus, because that focus is on YOU and what your want for YOUR FACILITY. We love our customers and we love what we do. If you're looking for a commercial cleaning company in the Seattle area or Bellevue WA area, please put us to the test (spoiler alert: we'll pass!). And if you're not in our area, make sure that whatever janitorial cleaning company you work with, treats you with the utmost in quality assurance.

We Do Residential: Roof Cleaning, Pressure Washing, and MORE!

by Jones Boys on 06/15/17

Jones Boys Maintenance is really a TWO-SIDED company. Sometimes it may be a bit unclear. We’d like to clarify, for sure, that there a few valuable services we can offer to ANY homeowner on the Greater Eastside, and yes, we do this while still operating a complete Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial division.

When it comes to cleaning businesses, we handle office cleaning and janitorial duties completely. Jones Boys’ highly-trained and highly-experienced staff can be directed to do any small daily tasks, right down to emptying wastebaskets and restocking paper products, all the way up to special restorative maintenance tasks, like carpet deep cleaning or floor stripping and finishing duties.  

For homes, we don’t actually provide a “housekeeping” type of service, but for those restorative (mostly outdoor) needs, Jones Boys wants the homeowners of Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah, Kirkland and surrounding areas to know that we’re ready to serve you. We’re prepared to handle your home restorative needs with the same expertise and quality-assurance that we provide to our longtime, local commercial cleaning clients. 

So, let’s be crystal clear about WHAT WE CAN OFFER YOU, the homeowner! 

Roof Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning 
Well, this one might be pretty clear already. We already serve quite a large amount of Eastside residential customers with Roof and Gutter Cleaning with the busiest time spanning between February and the end of Summer. It’s important to clear out debris from trees and any growing moss, plus get the roof treated, before the Fall hits and the heavier rains comeback. We even can make sure there are no problems with your gutter system and make small patches where necessary.  

Window Cleaning 
Some homes have a greater need for window cleaning and window washing than others. Regardless of your home’s set up, Jones Boys is ready to come and clean your windows, especially the hard-to-reach ones. We can clean the interior and exterior sides to get you seeing clearly again, plus we’ll get to the skylights and very large-scale windows that require specialized window washing equipment. The professional we send to you will have specialty experience and will do a better job than almost any homeowner could do themselves.  

Pressure Washing (Pavement, Fences, Decks, and more!) 
Western Washington, with all its beauty, can be a wet and humid place most of the year. That makes moss and grime an even bigger enemy to the look and presentation of our homes. Luckily, Jones Boys is here to provide a professional power washing service to restore your driveways, walkways, and any other concrete or cement surface. We can also pressure wash your wood decks and fences. Get a quote to have them all looking brighter for the year to come! 

Large-Scale Carpet Cleaning (and/or Hard Floor Projects) 
We mainly focus our carpet and hard floor care services to serve larger businesses, offices, and commercial or industrial buildings. However, if your home has large areas of carpet or hard floor that need a restorative service, we may be able to help (on a case by case basis). We do not normally clean carpets for residential situations. But, if you have a unique home with larger carpeted areas, or even hard floor care stripping and finishing needs, feel free to call us and to find out if our services and schedule match your needs.  

Jones Boys offers all of these services and much more to business buildings of all types. We are proud to serve both homes and businesses here at Jones Boys. Many homeowners recommend us to their workplaces, so they can get the same cleaning power in their businesses, and many commercial clients have turned to us to give their homes the same professional clean they get at work. We look forward to hearing from you and helping with any of your cleaning needs. Call our friendly office staff if you have any more questions or if you’d like a quote on any of the services we provide at Jones Boys Maintenance! Call us today, at 425-881-2977.

The Best Office Cleaners in Seattle and Bellevue are OFFICIALLY here at Jones Boys!

by Jones Boys on 02/03/17

Since 1984, Jones Boys Maintenance has worked toward a reputation for affordability, amazing performance, and customer service that is hard to match in ANY industry. So, when puts together the list of the 20 Best Office Cleaning Companies in Seattle (and Bellevue areas, of course) like they just did, we'd expect Jones Boys Maintenance to be recognized, but that doesn't make us any less flattered. We are honored to be named on this list!

Best Office Cleaning Service Seattle
We took a little deeper look into how they made their determination and it's very easy to see where our strengths as a Janitorial and Office Cleaning company fit their criteria. Their selection criteria comes down to a list of five ranking criteria. We thought it would be fun to walk through each one and show how we've exemplified each point.

Here are some examples of how Jones Boys has lived up to each of Expertise's judgement criteria:

1. Reputation
They describe reputation to stand for "a history of delighted customers as a signal of outstanding service". As we've mentioned a multitude of times on this site, we've been in business since 1984---that means we are in our 34th year of operation! What means more is that we have so many LONG TERM clients, some of which have been with us on constant cleaning contracts for over 20 years! We actually keep folks coming back simply because have a reputation for quality control and value in Office Cleaning in Seattle and Bellevue/Eastside areas.

2. Credibility
Remaining in the cleaning business in this area for 34 years contains it's own level of credibility. We are also locally owned and operated, and of course there is our BBB accreditation. 

3. Experience
Years of experience as a business are important, but also as a "maintenance network" we have the ability to find the best cleaners in the area and improve our providers constantly. We only hire cleaning pros with extensive experience to work for you, and we utilize them for their specific areas of expertise. We've been problem solving for facilities like the one you work at for decades!

4. Availability
We are always SUPER PREPARED to give you a complete quote and consultation. Whether it's our friendly office staff that can give you some idea over the phone, or an in-person customized quote on what it takes to clean your facility on a schedule of your choosing. Once we are working with a regular client, we pride ourselves on being reachable to maintain ultimate quality-control---communication is key, and we are as available as any cleaning company to ensure your happiness.

5. Professionalism
We mentioned being super prepared for your call, being accountable, and having the best cleaning professionals---this equates to a level of professionalism that will give you peace of mind from the moment you call upon Jones Boys Maintenance for you Office Cleaning needs.

And, there you have it! The most likely explanations for how we are one of the Best Office Cleaners in Seattle. We are honored, but the only way for you to ACTUALLY find out how true this is, will be to call us and get your very own customized quote for facility cleaning. We look forward to hearing from you!

When to Choose an Outside Cleaning Company

by Jones Boys on 09/12/16

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?  Then you will want to not only present your product or service in an appealing way, but you will want to make sure that your office staff and office building also give off a favorable impression. For your building to attract and retain customers, clients, and staff you will want to keep the area visually appealing and clean. Keeping your office area clean is a big undertaking—but it can be a simple process, by choosing a specific commercial cleaning business.

When you choose a specialized maintenance company—you get cleaning done correctly and with quality assured. This will free up time for you to focus on your actual business.  When you partner with a janitorial maintenance company you can choose what you would like to have cleaned—such as windows, carpet, hardwoods, furniture, bathrooms, kitchens, trash removal, etc. and you also get to select how often you would like to have the company come out. Regular scheduled cleaning is a service that will save you money as compared to hiring on and training someone to do the job internally.  Also when you use an outsource company you do not have to provide any of the expensive equipment or tools or provide any benefits, insurance, or management for the cleaning crew.    

Another benefit when you choose an experienced company, such as Jones Boys Maintenance, rather than hiring in house is that you are getting years of expertise in the commercial cleaning industry. Maintenance companies are trained to correctly and swiftly eradicate germs, dirt, and dust particles. Professional cleaning companies also stay up-to-date with the latest cleaning products, tools and styles.  This kind of professional service gives your business a dependable clean—working to your specifications without extra time or worry spent by your company.

Choosing an outside or "outsourced" cleaning company to properly complete your cleaning will save you hassle, time and money—and ensure that you get the right kind of clean.  At Jones Boys Maintenance, we have been working with local businesses to provide the highest level of service and cleaning for over twenty years.  With us- one call cleans it all!  Need carpet cleaning? Deep cleaning? Window washing? Medical sanitizing or restaurant cleaning? We are ready to take on whatever cleaning job you need- big or small.  Give us a call today if you have additional questions on our maintenance programs or would like to set up a cleaning schedule for your commercial business.

Roof Cleaning Sells Houses Faster and Possibly for More

by Jones Boys on 04/26/16

Are you thinking about putting your house on the market for this spring/summer season? When you are getting ready to list your residence you will want to complete repairs and maintenance that will add to the sale ability—and you will want to pay close attention to your home’s outside appearance, or "curb appeal". The curb appeal can help sell your house and even add to the real value of your home. Fresh paint, landscaping, and exterior upgrades are also sales boosters that will get your home noticed. We'd like to point out that a newly cleaned roof is a often-overlooked way to show owner care and maintenance as well as preserve the longevity of your housing structure.

When you have your roof cleaned it will fit with the other repairs and maintenance being done to your house. A dirty roof not only looks unattractive and can stick out like a sore thumb but can be an indicator of negligence to the rest of the structure. This could deter potential buyers or lead them to infer that the home has not been properly maintained. You don't want an unkempt roof to indicate that there may be other necessary repairs throughout the house. A clean roof can also help the potential buyers become more attached to the home which may lead to a sale and even less negotiations during the offer period.

In addition to the visual appeal of getting your roof clean you are preserving the roofing investment and the housing structure itself. If there is mold or algae growing on your roof, it is causing damage. As organisms are allowed to grow they will degrade your shingle and your roof. This may lead to failed inspections and the need to replace your roof or sections of your roof before the sale of your house is final—and that can be costly. Save yourself the headache and large investment by simply maintaining the cleanliness of your roof with a thorough roof cleaning.

The roofing structure of a house can be dangerous- and roofs can easily be damaged so you will want to call a professional for your roof cleaning. Jones Boys Maintenance has decades of service and experience cleaning roofs—we will clean your roof correctly, with the proper roof cleaning specialist and the proper equipment. Give us a call today and we will work with you to get your roof looking great before you list it for sale.

Choosing Commercial Tile vs Carpet in Your Business

by Jones Boys on 02/01/16

Is your business ready for new flooring? Well if it is, you may be debating on what type of flooring to choose—tile or carpet. Durability, image, elegance, maintenance, cleanliness, sound/noise dampening, and health concerns ALL can come into play. You may want to do some extra research into your options before making a decision on which one or what type of flooring to choose. Below we have outlined some points to consider about both carpet and tile, but remember: either way you will want to choose a good maintenance plan to protect your flooring investment and keep your commercial tile or carpet clean and looking good.

Tile can present a clean professional image for your business, for sure. Terrazzo and VCT (Vinyl Composition) are two very popular hard floor materials. They are durable, can be elegant, and can last a long time due to its ability to be repeatedly refinished. Daily cleaning is pretty easy--sweeping and mopping--and no real issues with unseen dirt, dust, and disease like what can happen with carpet. Tile comes in different types of patterns and you can get the best design to fit within your commercial décor. There are some drawbacks though, in commercial settings. These can be cost prohibitive to install certain types, are very difficult to maintain the finish on your own (of course a professional service will make this a non-issue), they can seem "cold" visually and cold physically, they do not dampen sound at all, and may be slippery when wet. 

If you are looking for sound insulation, or for your office space to appear more home-like, softer or warmer you may be looking into carpet for your space. In the past decades commercial carpeting has also been improving to have large-scale patterns, and are more capable of deterring stains and fading—as long as they remain properly maintained. A popular carpet choice is in the newer carpet tiles. These type of tiles can be found in many different types of designs and the carpet tiles can be individually replaced if damaged beyond repair.

The negative side of carpet comes in keeping it clean. This is less of a problem if you hire a good commercial cleaning service. Companies like ours do a good job of vacuuming often, and paying attention to spots and traffic "paths". If carpets aren't cleaned often and properly, dirt and disease (which can be hidden by the carpet in the short term) become trapped deep in the carpet. This is where carpet loses out to hard flooring. Carpet is also less durable than tile, and may "wear" needing to be replaced altogether, whereas with tile, you are only replacing the finish that protects the floor.

If you want to look beyond tile and carpet you may also look into vinyl, rubber or wood flooring. Make sure you make a pro-con list when you are choosing flooring and plan to invest in on-going maintenance to keep whatever commercial flooring that you choose looking like new and staying clean. If you have additional questions regarding commercial flooring or carpet maintenance give Jones Boys a call. And, if you're in the Seattle and Bellevue WA areas, we’d also be happy to clean the flooring for you and your business!

Office Cleaning Done Regularly is Very Good for Business

by Jones Boys on 10/10/15

True maintenance of a clean, professional office environment involves more than spot-cleaning apparent problems as they occur. To keep your  business offices properly clean, your space should be on a regularly-scheduled maintenance program that involves thorough cleaning of all the different areas of the office. This ensures that all parts of the space are comprehensively deep cleaned and sanitized using the correct cleaning materials are used. It is important to clean not only the dirt that is visible, but to also make sure all surfaces are sanitized to kill germs and bacteria. It takes experience, training and consistency to keep an office-space properly clean.

Dirty office spaces can have negative effects on clients and customers of course, but also on employees. Clients and customers want to see that you care for and take care of your business- and that includes the organization and cleanliness of the office space. Failing to have your office space regularly, professionally maintained can even become a health hazard for those whom have to work in that environment. 

A regular cleaning schedule is good for your business. It has the ability to enhance the work space and save you money in the long run. If dirt, allergens, mold and other germs are present you may be contributing to increased sickness of your workers. With professional scheduled cleaning services you are helping to create an office space that is conducive to maximizing employee productivity—and this could mean big things for your business! You must be guaranteed that all surfaces are cleaned and properly sanitized; with the correct cleaners being used to kill any germs. Quality cleaners with also avoid harsh chemicals that cause contribute to health concerns with everyday exposure. For office cleaning, trust the experienced professionals and keep your business on a regular schedule. 

Without regular, proper cleaning germs can be passed on door handles, desks, in bathrooms, in lobbies and any other highly-used areas within the business. Here, at Jones Boys, we are proud to offer a regular scheduled cleaning service. With over thirty years of office cleaning experience we will ensure that your space receives a complete cleaning. Whatever you need cleaned we are here to help. We develop the cleaning schedule with you and will provide comprehensive services to fit your building's needs. We can build the program to include floor care, carpet cleaning, dusting, wipe-downs, trash emptying, bathroom disinfecting, etc. If you are ready to get your office space on a regular schedule or have any other questions about our quality cleaning programs give us a call today!

Healthcare, Medical Cleaning Services: The Need for Specialized Professionals

by Jones Boys on 06/10/15

There is clean and then there is medical grade clean. Medical cleaning takes cleanliness standards to a whole new level because it is vital to ensure that health care facilities do not become a safety hazard by spreading infectious germs. There needs to be professional sanitation to protect all patients, visitors and the workers themselves. There is a specialized comprehensive cleaning process that needs to take place when cleaning a medical facility. 

If you are in charge of or the coordinator for cleaning a medical facility, then you will want to call a professional who has experience in medical cleaning. Medical cleaning-experienced technicians will know the proper solutions to use to eliminate pathogens without using a high level of irritants. These specialized experts will have also been trained in the high risk areas in a medical building and how to give them a comprehensive cleaning. Below is a list of some important elements that should be included in a medical clean. 
  •  A specific focus on high traffic spaces such as restrooms, lobbies and waiting rooms. These are considered high touch areas where contaminates can easily be transferred. 
  • Deep carpet cleaning and quality floor car. The floor in a medical facility is a dirty space that can harbor pathogens and allergens. 
  • Proper disposal of waste and in compliance with OSHA standards to prevent continued contamination. Appropriate removal of trash including wearing gloves and not allowing waste to directly into contact with bodies/ body parts. 
  • Extensive sanitation of all surfaces that are touched by multiple people including door knobs, lights. 
When going to a medical facility patients are looking to get well not get further sick from pathogens that are present in the building. Not only will visitors be looking for the area to be visually clean but they want the space to be safe and sanitized. If you are looking for affordable high- quality medical cleaning professionals then you can trust in Jones Boys Maintenance. We have over thirty years of experience in cleaning medical facilities and always aim to exceed your expectations. 

Large businesses often have their own staff, but every small dental office or clinic must also be cleaned properly in this way. We work with many medical clinics on consistent cleaning programs, and we'd be glad to show you what a fully responsible program would look like. If you have additional questions regarding specialized cleaning or want to set up a cleaning program for your facility give us a call today! 206-903-6300

Carpet Cleaning Comes Down to Regular Vacuuming

by Jones Boys on 03/09/15

Do you have carpets in your office or workplace? Do you want to help them continue to maintain their clean appearance? The best way to utilize the full life of your carpet and improve the look of the carpet in your facility is to implement regularly scheduled vacuuming. The easiest and best way to make sure this gets done, is to have a professional cleaning service hired and in place to do this (Jones Boys is ready to help you)!

Dirty looking carpets can reflect negatively on the overall appearance of your facility. If your business has carpets, then it is imperative to continuously maintain your investment and keep your carpets looking clean and professional. Some businesses wait until it is time for a deep carpet cleaning before doing any time of maintenance at all, and that is a very bad habit and not very effective.

Through daily use, dirt and soil is embedded into your carpet- and every day that it is not removed, it will become harder and less possible to extract. As dirt sits in the carpet it starts to sink below the surface and create an abrasive soil buildup. The buildup then becomes difficult, even impossible, to remove during deep carpet cleanings. Why is this? Because, carpet extractors add water in order to deep clean. 

When water is added to the carpet during the deep cleaning process, it then mixes with the built up soil and mud is created. Once mud is created it is hard and sometimes impossible to restore the carpet to it's original state. Having a specialized daily, or regularly, vacuuming schedule will keep the dirt from embedding deeply. You can more easily extend a carpet's useful life, giving you more years of use of the carpet as well as maintaining that new carpet's great look. Upkeep on the carpets in your facility is more than just nightly vacuums though. It is the expert guarantee that your carpets are getting the best care and specialized attention. Professional technicians will use the correct equipment to make sure that the on-going job is completed right. Have you ever vacuumed and seen dirt coming out of the vacuum? Or have you dumped the bag and re-vacuumed to get more dirt? This could indicate that the equipment may not be doing the job to preserve your carpets to the fullest. 

Janitorial companies, or commercial cleaning companies have the experience to know the various methods to vacuum and preserve carpet life. Leaving it up to the janitorial professionals will not only provide assurance that the carpets look great but will keep your carpet's functionality for years to come. On top of the carpet care, you can take great care of your employees by packaging in the bathroom cleanings, garbage emptying, wipe-downs of surfaces, and sweeping/mopping of hard floors in the business. 

At Jones Boys we provide thirty years of experience with millions of square feet of quality maintenance. If you have additional questions about keeping your carpets pristine or getting your facility on a regular carpet cleaning schedule give us a call today! 206-903-6300

As a Cleaning Contractor, Here Are 14 Ways We Provide Value

by Jones Boys on 12/08/14

The Jones Boys Maintenance Network is finishing it's 30th year in business, and we'd like to think that we've gotten WISER along with getting OLDER. Our founder, Richard, our team, and our wonderful network of cleaning pros have made us what we are today. What we are, is a quality service that focuses on providing the highest level of cleaning services for businesses and homes that you will find anywhere. The completeness of our service makes us an amazing value, but not many people know how to assess what a real value we are in this industry.

Here are 14 different points that you should look for in an exceptional cleaning contractor. We aren't the only one, but there are very few who meet this standard. It's only fair to compare prices with similar services and assurances. If you do that, you'd find our pricing to be extremely reasonable, but first, read up and see if there is anything your current cleaner may not be offering you!

1. A+ Better Business Bureau rating - Yes, we have maintained this top level rating for some time. Check our rating at the BBB here.

2. Fully Licensed: Federally and Locally - You'd be surprised how many companies will want you to assume that they are properly licensed.  Ask for proof.

3. Fully Bonded - Being bonded protects YOU, the customer, from theft and other issues on or with your property. This is no small issue.

4. Insured with an A+ comprehensive insurer - You should demand proof of valid insurance, because this also protects you and your business from liabilities. The legal ramifications of an accident on your property are immense. Make sure cleaners like us are insured all on their own---we are insured and insured very well for our customer's protection and peace of mind.

5. Qualified & Highly-trained Staff - We choose only the best cleaning professionals, and even have them specialized, so you are getting someone with the utmost experience in that particular area of cleaning. We also maintain long-standing relationships with our cleaners, so they have demonstrated expertise to us and gained our confidence first.

6. Legal, Documented Workers - Once again, peace of mind for you that we stay legal and organized.

7. Regular Inspections - A good cleaning company makes sure that they are providing the level of service they promised you at the outset. We want to maintain our high standards.

8. Constant Customer Communication and Follow Through - Your cleaner should stay in contact and solve any issues quickly.

9. Communication log-on site - Another way to stay in contact, and keep up with your needs. Ask how your cleaning company plans to keep in contact with you.

10. LEED Certified "Green Cleaning" - Not just an option for some buildings, your cleaner MUST comply with the LEED program in some cases. Providing lip service to being a "green" cleaner and being actually certified are two different things.

11. Company Logo Shirts & Uniforms - You should see this as a security measure, and also one that demonstrates the adherence to the standards you were promised. It's also a measure of professionalism.

12. Regular Product Technology Training Classes - Us commercial cleaning companies need to stay up on what will get your building cleaner and with less waste. We constantly train on new cleaning technologies.

13. Emergency Service 24-hours a day - Emergence clean up doesn't happen often, but when you need it, YOU NEED IT NOW!  You'll be glad you partnered with a company like ours.

14. Comprehensive Cleaning Services - Along with regularly scheduled cleaning and janitorial, we provide experts in cleaning particular areas including: 
  • Hard Floor Care
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Washing
  • Power Washing
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Construction Cleaning
  • Emergency Services
Please, use this list as a checklist for the quality of service your commercial cleaner can provide. No matter where you live, it's not worth cutting cost only to lose the assurances listed here. If your business or home is in the Puget Sound or Seattle area, we would love to give you a complete estimate. Call Jones Boys today at 206-903-6300, or fill out a contact form!

Hard Floor Waxing and Cleaning: Good Floors are Good for Business!

by Jones Boys on 06/25/14

In our 25-plus years of experience in Cleaning Seattle and Bellevue area businesses, we've seen all types of flooring. Carpet, hardwood, tile & grout, sealed concrete, terrazzo and VCT are just a few of them. In business, keeping these clean can be vital to the image of the company, or companies residing in that building. A consistent cleaning program is the best way to keep floors in good shape, as an investment in the material itself, and also looking as professional as the folks who work in that office.

Far too often, the cleaning program or budget is one of the first areas to be scaled back when cuts need to be made. It's unfortunate that many professionals do not realize the importance of workplace cleanliness until it is too late. Floor care quickly becomes a problem area when it does not receive the proper attention.  Carpets and hard floors alike need to be vacuumed, swept, or mopped to stay clear of collecting dirt and debris. In the case of flooring like Vinyl Composition Tile, or VCT, we are talking about a much larger issue.

Caring for VCT, requires a real investment. That investment can really pay off when it comes to presentation at your building.  The high gloss floors at top-end supermarkets and stores, come from VCT flooring and a significant amount (many applied coats) of well maintained floor finish or floor waxing. That high gloss, clear, shiny look can translate into big dollars. Unfortunately, some make the choice to use VCT and floor waxing, only to abandon the consistent attention that it truly requires.

This is where a professional company like ours comes in. Yes, it costs money to hire a pro to handle your hard floors and VCT. The gains in business, though, should be a deciding factor, and furthermore, an experienced cleaning company knows how to save you money and hassle on a pro-style hard floor care program
How would Jones Boys Maintenance propose to create "successful floors" AND save money?  Here are a few hints that a company like ours uses in your favor:

Floor Waxing

1. We sweep and mop completely every time we can. If you have a daily program, we hold our workers to the standard that this will be done, even if it "looks clean enough".

2. Floors with wax or finish on them must be cleaned with a chemical that will not harm them. Often times a pH neutral cleaner should be used.

3. Floor buffing or burnishing isn't always necessary, but can really make floors "pop"!  If it's not part of a regular program, it is still very good to have it done periodically to remove any stubborn marks or streaks. It gets the floor surface clean without eating away at the layers of finish.

4. You can avoid yellow-looking finish, and having to strip the floor for longer periods of time by deep machine-scrubbing the floors with the proper pad, rinsing, drying, and applying fresh finish. Floor wax can turn yellow on it's own, but usually it's embedding dirt that causes the floors to look dingy faster. Deep scrubbing gives you a clean surface and you can build up coats of wax to maintain a high-gloss look. Also, the high-traffic areas will need this done more often than the rest.

5. Never let the floor wax wear down and expose the floor. Don't hesitate to have your floors stripped if it is necessary. This eventually needs to be done, and you never want to expose VCT tiles to dirt without having wax on them. Jones Boys Maintenance does waxing and stripping projects all of the time, we'd simply prefer to do this less by maintaining the floors longer. This will save you cost and labor.  These projects take much more time than regular cleaning or even deep-scrubbing work.

6. Nice floor mats at entrances are vital! Over 80% of the dirt in you building is walked in from the outside. The good news is that you can slow the process and keep a ton of this dirt out, by utilizing 5-10 feet of floor matting at every entrance. Then it's up to the cleaning folks to vacuum these mats daily.  And, our folks do this GLADLY knowing how much money and time it saves us by keeping dirt off of the hard floors and waxed tiles!

Looking for help in achieving "successful floors" in your business?  Jones Boys Maintenance has kept an impeccable reputation as a commercial cleaning company in Seattle and Bellevue WA.  Look into us today, and we will be glad to put together a complete quote and cleaning program tailored to your particular business.  Call Jones Boys today at 206-903-6300!

Five Important Spring Cleaning tasks for your home or small business!

by Jones Boys on 04/14/14

Spring is here, and here in the Pacific Northwest, it took until April to see some drier, sunnier weather. Along with all of the fun stuff we get to do outdoors, we also have to think about our greatest investment---our homes. We may have neglected or even ignored some of our home's outer appearance in the cold and wet winter months.  Now you'll have the opportunity to get everything caught up with a Spring Cleaning, right??  Here are five areas that you'll want to get caught up on for the sake of your home, or even your small business building.

1. Get your roof cleaned.  In order to be kept up properly, homes in this climate should be cleaned every two years at a minimum.  We'd suggest it be done every year.  It's also very good to have a moss treatment applied.  If you're not sure how to properly clean your roof, then you'll want to research it carefully.  Different types of roof materials require different equipment and methods. 

Professionals like the ones that we send out (Jones Boys Maintenance) have the proper equipment, training, treatment products, and take the proper safety precautions. Most folks hire a professional for roof cleaning, but one way or another, you've got to get the nasty debris and moss off of your roof to make sure it lasts longer.

2. Catch up on Gutter Cleaning. Some folks wait until the end of summer to clean the gutters on the sides of your roof.  It makes sense because it's right before the rains start coming. Consider though, that more gunk and debris blows around and into those gutters throughout the fall and winter.  Take the FIRST opportunity to get them cleared out. In most cases, companies who clean roofs can handle this for you at the same time.

3. Take care of the Window Cleaning.  The sun is shining more, earlier in the morning and for more hours in the day. It becomes VERY evident if your windows are not up to par. Get them clean and clear, and you'll be able to see our and let the sun in all summer long!

Cleaning windows can be easy enough for most home owners, if the windows are easy to reach. The second and third story windows may not be as easy to get to and get clean. The proper equipment can be purchased, but you may find that it's not worth the investment if you're only using it once or twice a year. 

A professional window cleaner can get it done faster, with the right equipment, and if a spot is missed, you can have THEM do it over! You can leave the ladder in the garage and let a professional get the inside and outside of your windows crystal clear!  (In Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland and the rest of the Eastside, Jones Boys can handle this for you as well!)

4. Give decks, patios and driveways a pressure washing. Keeping a deck clean can keep moss from attacking the wood and keep it looking presentable for all of your guests. Cement and pavement will also look MUCH better with a pressure washing. It takes special equipment and some know how.  You also have the option here of figuring it out on your own, or hiring an experienced pro.

5. Catch up on carpets. Carpeting can take a beating in the soaked and sloppy fall and winter months.  If it's been a little while since you tended to your carpet, it's a great time to get caught up.  Pay special attention to the "heavy traffic" or regular pathways through your carpeted rooms.  If dirtier spots or areas are visible, it's already overdue.  Get it done to look great in the many brighter hours of the day.

A professional cleaning will eliminate a ton of hassle and the amount of expertise that and experienced carpet cleaner brings to you is ASTOUNDING!  Strongly consider hiring a company to handle all your carpets in one fell swoop.  They'll also dry faster in these drier months.

Jones Boys Maintenance can handle ALL FIVE of these tasks, or whichever ones you decide that you don't want to tackle yourself.  We work with homeowners, but also small businesses.  If you must maintain your own business building and property, make sure to give Jones Boys a call to help you get ahead of these chores.  We serve the Bellevue and Seattle areas, and clean for many homeowners in Bellevue WA, Redmond WA, Kirkland, Issaquah, Sammamish and the rest of the greater Eastside. 

Happy Spring Cleaning and we look forward to hearing from you!

Lynnwood Businesses? Renton Offices? We don't just clean the big city buildings!

by Jones Boys on 12/18/13

The Jones Boys Maintenance network has had a great amount of success with cleaning the offices and professional buildings of Seattle and Bellevue WA.  Since we began in 1984, even the amount of buildings in Bellevue has grown greatly. We've grown too! Although we have a great many happy and long time customers in these bigger city-like areas, we wouldn't want to miss out on the great companies that are sprouting up in cities like Lynnwood, Kent, Renton, and Bothell. 

Our economy has proven to be stronger and more resilient than many others across the United States. We should all feel very lucky.  Also, with technological and communicational advances, businesses can choose to operate outside of the big city, if they like. No matter where your business chooses call home, it's important that that workplace is clean, kept, and sanitary, for the benefit of workers and customers alike.

We like to let you know that when it comes to commercial cleaning Lynnwood WA companies, we are very excited to serve you and your needs for janitorial service. The companies that choose Jones Boys are the ones that are committed to getting quality cleaning and want a responsible company that will help to manage and quality control itself. Our network allows us to find the best cleaning professionals and help make sure all of your needs are met and your standards for clean are clearly upheld. Not every company sees the importance of a clean establishment, but it most definitely affects your bottom line.

Since not every business sees just how valuable a quality cleaning company can be, we are more than willing to seek out and find the companies who match what Jones Boys delivers. So, whether you are looking for Office Cleaning in Seattle WA, or Commercial Cleaning in Kent WA, or a nightly Janitorial service in Renton, we're glad to start a conversation and get you an accurate and complete estimate.

Since 1984, Jones Boys Maintenance is a locally owned and operated cleaning company, specializing in quality-controlled Janitorial Service.  With millions of square feet of cleaning experience, you are guaranteed the finest professional service available.  Our list of businesses with long-term relationships with us truly speaks for itself.  We have many customers that have been working with Jones Boys for over 20 years!

So, don't be bashful.  if you need Office Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Medical Facilities cleaning expertise--you name the type of business, we have experience in keeping it clean! Jones Boys handles dental offices, auto dealerships, retail facilities, and more. Even specialty areas such as windows, roof cleaning, and pressure washing.  Allow Jones Boys to be your complete answer to any cleaning need or cleaning schedule. If you have a business in the Puget Sound, and you have the need for quality cleaning, please don't hesitate to call us today. You don't have to be a large company, just serious about finding a dependable cleaning solution!

Top Five Reasons to get a Free Cleaning Quote from Jones Boys!

by Jones Boys on 10/22/13

Jones Boys Maintenance offers a FREE quote on any cleaning job we offer!  And, in some cases--say for nightly janitorial contracts--we'll most likely come to your facility to make sure we put together an accurate quote for all of your needs. If you're even considering getting your home, building, or facility cleaned up or restored with any of the services we offer, then you should just give us a call for an accurate price now.

If you're not yet convinced, we thought we'd have a little fun and give you the TOP FIVE REASONS that you should get a Free Quote from Jones Boys today!

5) It may help you stop procrastinating. You might be surprised at the value Jones Boys offers, and maybe a free estimate will help you decide to get the job done sooner! Whether it's finally getting a contract cleaner for your business, or just making sure the roof on your home gets cleaned---it's not a good idea to keep waiting.  A free quote will help you decide if you're ready for the next step.

4) Working with us might be more cost and time effective than handling your own cleaning job. Business owners and home owners may think they have things "under control" themselves (or with the use of employees), but maybe, just maybe it's a more cost effective move to have a professional handle things. Even just on jobs around the home, it may not be worth the time, hassle, and materials to say, clean your own windows.  A free estimate quote will help you see clearly whether it's worth your time to do it yourself.

3) You can compare with the service you already use. You may have a cleaning company like ours that you already use. If you're happy with their work then there's probably no reason to check with us. But, if you'd like to know what a quality service like ours costs, than we'd be glad to help you know your options. There's nothing wrong with checking out our pricing on any job, maybe we will show to be the better company for you!

2) Get an accurate cost for YOUR specific situation. The cost of jobs like roof cleaning, carpet cleaning, and hard floor care can vary greatly depending on the size or area of the job, and certain other factors. Finding out what another customer paid for a certain job may not be accurate for your situation. We've run into many customers whose idea of what their cleaning work should cost was way off-base. Call on us and lets get you an accurate cost!

1) The best's FREE!  Even if it's for your business and not you personally, it's nice to be "in the know" and aware of what a quality service like ours will cost.  Call us today at 206-903-6300 or fill out our free quote form online!

The Benefits of CLEAN Carpet for your Business.

by Jones Boys on 08/26/13

The popularity of quality carpeting in businesses and public places, as well as in homes, has fluxuated greatly over the years. Carpeting tends to provide a cozy and comfortable experience for customers.  Businesses can put customers at ease with clean fresh carpet in their establishment. Other benefits of carpeting are the insulating nature for helping keep the room warm in the winter, and it also can help create a quieter work environment as a sort of sound-proofing.

About a decade ago, it became very vogue to take out existing carpeting and go toward a hard-floor solution instead. Why? Well, there was some speculation about disease spread in certain places.  Hard floor is easier to disinfect and keep germs out of.  But generally, the problem is one of maintenance.  Many facilities, and even homeowners, may like the simplicity and look of hard floors, but the bottom line is that it is quite a bit more difficult to maintain carpeting.

Think about it, though.....should you be taking carpeting out of your business if it's there for comfort, warmth, and elegance? Might it be a worthwhile investment for your customers and your workers to have a better environment, that's more condusive to conducting business?  If you could afford to properly care for your carpet, could it possibly help INCREASE your bottom line?

Jones Boys Maintenance and it's owner, Richard Jones, would contend that it's worth your time to at lease get a quote on what it would take to have your business on a regular maintenance schedule.  Sure, you can wait to call a carpet cleaner until you SEE the stains and traffic area buildup, but often times it is already too late. Waiting to do restorative care on your carpet can allow the carpeting to break down faster and not retain the "pop" that makes it so elegant in the first place.

Don't get us Jones Boys wrong, we can handle all of your restorative needs, as well. If you are invested in quality carpeting for the betterment of your business and/or service, you are best served investing in a method of keeping it clean and looking spectacular. 

A good Commercial Carpet Cleaning company is hard to find. In our history we've had tremendous success maintaining the carpeting of many businesses in Bellevue WA and the Puget Sound area. Using steam extraction and the latest tools and effective cleaners, we can handle all kinds of carpeting.

Jones Boys can tackle the heavy traffic areas, office areas, and the tough spots and stains. Whether it's on a regular cleaning schedule (which we recommend) or it's a one-time restorative job you need accomplished, Jones Boys can perform up to your high standards!

We can also handle upholstery needs around your business so that you don't have to call a separate company.  We are the Commercial Carpet Cleaning Bellevue WA businesses can call upon for all of their needs!  We also service Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, and all sorts of businesses inbetween.

Don't risk your business' appearance and your business environtment any longer.  Call today (or fill out our quote request form) for a quote on a regular maintenance schedule for your carpeting or for your entire business,....Remember, with Jones Boys, "one call cleans it all!"

Summer is a good time for Roof Cleaning Bellevue!

by Jones Boys on 07/10/13

Summer is STILL a good time for Roof Cleaning Bellevue WA! Or, shall we say, Bellevue and Eastside areas should still be looking into getting their roofs cleaned. 

Many times, we will see a rush of roof cleaning customers right at the beginning of Spring--which is fine, but folks stop thinking it's a good time to get the roof cleaned once summer hits.  I guess it's because Fall is coming on fast, and homeowners figure that more debris will come, so they just put it off. 

First of all, YIKES! More debris and harsh conditions coming up are even more reasons to get your roof cleaned and de-mossed as soon as you can! 

Secondly, if you have a shingled roof, many professionals say that Summer time is the BEST time to clean your roof.  Why?  Because of the dry weather is safer for the cleaning company (or YOU, if you're a do-it-yourselfer), which leads to a faster and more efficent job for you!

Rooftops can get a bit too warm for cleaning in the summer, but in the Northwest, that isn't as much of a problem as other areas of the county.  But, the bottom line is that you want to get your roof cleaned before too much debris or moss collect, so don't let the time of year keep you from doing what you should.

Let's get all of the life we can out of that roof!  If it's been a couple of years since you've had a good roof cleaning, give us a call and let's get it done now, just to make sure you can go a few more years with no worries.

We perform roof cleaning Bellevue WA homeowners have been happy with for years.  We know the type of issues and roof cleaning Mercer Island homes deal with versus say when we are roof cleaning Issaquah homes.

Give Jones Boys a call for any type of cleaning and treatment on any type of roof.  We will give you a solid estimate and we assure the quality of our work!  Remember, Summer is still a great time to get your roof cleaned by Jones Boys!

Licensed, Bonded, Insured Commercial Cleaning

by Jones Boys on 06/13/13

Jones Boys Maintenance is proud to be a licensed contractor with the State of Washington (CL#JONESBM006NU).  Housekeeping services may not choose to obtain this type of license, but as a Janitorial Service Company it's quite important. When Commercial Cleaning Seattle Offices and other businesses look for a company to rely on to clean their facility night after night, and week after week, they are going to want a company that is licensed and has as much relevant experience as possible.

The most important parts though, for the customer, even the residential customer, are the bonding and insurance of the contractor/cleaning company. If a commercial cleaning service has an employee of theirs doing office cleaning and they get hurt in some way, the cleaning company will have the insurance to cover them.  If the company though, is not insured, the claim will fall to the property-owner or hiring business.  This is bad news! 

You must make sure that your Commercial Cleaning Company is insured, and realize that a lower-priced janitorial service that is not insured is not worth the risk. Lucky for anyone reading this, Jones Boys Maintenance is also insured as part of the contractor licensing process, and we're covered for any Commercial Cleaning Bellevue WA needs!

We also mentioned "bonding" or being "bonded".  That is just about as important as having an insured cleaning service. What insurance does for injuries, bonding does for property-damage and theft situations.  If your Janitorial Service isn't bonded and one of their employees happens to steal from you or someone at your home or business, then there may not be much you or the company can really do about it.  The Bonding process protects you in this case.  Also, if an accident occurs while cleaning and some of the property is damaged---water damage, items dropped, machinery damaging walls or floors---then this bond will keep your business or personal account safe from having to cover it yourself.

As with many other contractors--Plumbers, Electricians, etc.--it isn't worth a cut-rate to have a shoddy business do your work without a license, and being bonded and insured.  You truly "get what you pay for". In business, it is important to look at "value" instead of only "price", and in cleaning it's even more important because the quality of work can range SO VERY MUCH.

Jones Boys is proud to provide many quality assurance methods to our customers, and we are proud to be Licensed, Bonded, and Insured for the peace of mind of all of our customers.


Cleaning Offices, Clinics, and Dealerships....OH MY!

by Jones Boys on 05/14/13

You may have noticed on our website that we prominently display our "Since 1984" tag.  We are so proud of our history and the fact that Jones Boys Maintenance has such an incredible service history in the area.  We recently mentioned that we clean some of the nicest restaurants around, and maybe by reminding folks of that, we may see a few more give us a chance to get them to that high-class level of clean!  We've been cleaning all types of businesses since 1984, and we want to make clear to everyone out there, that we have no hesitation in taking on cleaning the biggest businesses and largest facilities out there. 

\Large Facility and Large Building cleaning and maintenance is actually something we are MORE suited for than most. Auto Dealership cleaning is one area where we have gained high praise. Car dealerships must be cleaned and maintained with much attention to detail. The Jones Boys Maintenance Network, and the unique quality assurance that we provide has risen to the occasion many times in our nearly 30 years of experience. Cleaning for Auto Dealers is an important test of our abilities as a company, because when you see these places, they always need to represent, "Clean", "Shiny", "New-ness" (is that a word?--ha!), etc. Jones Boys can create this atmosphere consistently and affordably for any Auto Dealership out there who needs Janitorial Cleaning services.

Seattle Office Cleaning, Bellevue Office Cleaning, and all areas around the sound have been within our grasp. No complex or network of businesses (if you have separate locations, for instance) is too large for us---we welcome the ability to show how efficiently we can handle large corporation cleaning.  We wouldn't shy away from even the largest of Office Facility cleaning

Also, we can maintain on the schedule of your choosing. Does your building need to be cleaned and maintained nightly?  We got it. Is your company in need of office cleaning only a couple of times per week? Sounds good to us!

Combining these three points of emphasis (1. High-standards, 2. Ability to Handle ANY large-size business, 3. Ability to work on ANY schedule), we can draw one last example of where we could be called upon in the greater Seattle area.  Jones Boys has demonstrated the aptitude to work with Cleaning Medical facilities and have maintained many customers in this field for quite some time. Medical Facility Cleaning can be of the highest scrutiny, they can have the most total area to clean, the largest network of businesses to clean (think: network of clinics), and medical facilities have a more intense cleaning schedule than most.  Once again, we are not only up to the challenge, but we are excited to show any company out there our Health Medical Commercial Cleaning Services!

Hopefully, we this helps some of you out there understand that our company is very multi-faceted.  We can do many small jobs, even for residential cleaning, but where we really "Shine" over our competition, is when we are given even larger and more demanding cleaning work.  Come see the value in Jones Boys Maintenance!


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