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As a Cleaning Contractor, Here Are 14 Ways We Provide Value

by Jones Boys on 12/08/14

The Jones Boys Maintenance Network is finishing it's 30th year in business, and we'd like to think that we've gotten WISER along with getting OLDER. Our founder, Richard, our team, and our wonderful network of cleaning pros have made us what we are today. What we are, is a quality service that focuses on providing the highest level of cleaning services for businesses and homes that you will find anywhere. The completeness of our service makes us an amazing value, but not many people know how to assess what a real value we are in this industry.

Here are 14 different points that you should look for in an exceptional cleaning contractor. We aren't the only one, but there are very few who meet this standard. It's only fair to compare prices with similar services and assurances. If you do that, you'd find our pricing to be extremely reasonable, but first, read up and see if there is anything your current cleaner may not be offering you!

1. A+ Better Business Bureau rating - Yes, we have maintained this top level rating for some time. Check our rating at the BBB here.

2. Fully Licensed: Federally and Locally - You'd be surprised how many companies will want you to assume that they are properly licensed.  Ask for proof.

3. Fully Bonded - Being bonded protects YOU, the customer, from theft and other issues on or with your property. This is no small issue.

4. Insured with an A+ comprehensive insurer - You should demand proof of valid insurance, because this also protects you and your business from liabilities. The legal ramifications of an accident on your property are immense. Make sure cleaners like us are insured all on their own---we are insured and insured very well for our customer's protection and peace of mind.

5. Qualified & Highly-trained Staff - We choose only the best cleaning professionals, and even have them specialized, so you are getting someone with the utmost experience in that particular area of cleaning. We also maintain long-standing relationships with our cleaners, so they have demonstrated expertise to us and gained our confidence first.

6. Legal, Documented Workers - Once again, peace of mind for you that we stay legal and organized.

7. Regular Inspections - A good cleaning company makes sure that they are providing the level of service they promised you at the outset. We want to maintain our high standards.

8. Constant Customer Communication and Follow Through - Your cleaner should stay in contact and solve any issues quickly.

9. Communication log-on site - Another way to stay in contact, and keep up with your needs. Ask how your cleaning company plans to keep in contact with you.

10. LEED Certified "Green Cleaning" - Not just an option for some buildings, your cleaner MUST comply with the LEED program in some cases. Providing lip service to being a "green" cleaner and being actually certified are two different things.

11. Company Logo Shirts & Uniforms - You should see this as a security measure, and also one that demonstrates the adherence to the standards you were promised. It's also a measure of professionalism.

12. Regular Product Technology Training Classes - Us commercial cleaning companies need to stay up on what will get your building cleaner and with less waste. We constantly train on new cleaning technologies.

13. Emergency Service 24-hours a day - Emergence clean up doesn't happen often, but when you need it, YOU NEED IT NOW!  You'll be glad you partnered with a company like ours.

14. Comprehensive Cleaning Services - Along with regularly scheduled cleaning and janitorial, we provide experts in cleaning particular areas including: 
  • Hard Floor Care
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Washing
  • Power Washing
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Construction Cleaning
  • Emergency Services
Please, use this list as a checklist for the quality of service your commercial cleaner can provide. No matter where you live, it's not worth cutting cost only to lose the assurances listed here. If your business or home is in the Puget Sound or Seattle area, we would love to give you a complete estimate. Call Jones Boys today at 206-903-6300, or fill out a contact form!

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