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Carpet Cleaning Comes Down to Regular Vacuuming

by Jones Boys on 03/09/15

Do you have carpets in your office or workplace? Do you want to help them continue to maintain their clean appearance? The best way to utilize the full life of your carpet and improve the look of the carpet in your facility is to implement regularly scheduled vacuuming. The easiest and best way to make sure this gets done, is to have a professional cleaning service hired and in place to do this (Jones Boys is ready to help you)!

Dirty looking carpets can reflect negatively on the overall appearance of your facility. If your business has carpets, then it is imperative to continuously maintain your investment and keep your carpets looking clean and professional. Some businesses wait until it is time for a deep carpet cleaning before doing any time of maintenance at all, and that is a very bad habit and not very effective.

Through daily use, dirt and soil is embedded into your carpet- and every day that it is not removed, it will become harder and less possible to extract. As dirt sits in the carpet it starts to sink below the surface and create an abrasive soil buildup. The buildup then becomes difficult, even impossible, to remove during deep carpet cleanings. Why is this? Because, carpet extractors add water in order to deep clean. 

When water is added to the carpet during the deep cleaning process, it then mixes with the built up soil and mud is created. Once mud is created it is hard and sometimes impossible to restore the carpet to it's original state. Having a specialized daily, or regularly, vacuuming schedule will keep the dirt from embedding deeply. You can more easily extend a carpet's useful life, giving you more years of use of the carpet as well as maintaining that new carpet's great look. Upkeep on the carpets in your facility is more than just nightly vacuums though. It is the expert guarantee that your carpets are getting the best care and specialized attention. Professional technicians will use the correct equipment to make sure that the on-going job is completed right. Have you ever vacuumed and seen dirt coming out of the vacuum? Or have you dumped the bag and re-vacuumed to get more dirt? This could indicate that the equipment may not be doing the job to preserve your carpets to the fullest. 

Janitorial companies, or commercial cleaning companies have the experience to know the various methods to vacuum and preserve carpet life. Leaving it up to the janitorial professionals will not only provide assurance that the carpets look great but will keep your carpet's functionality for years to come. On top of the carpet care, you can take great care of your employees by packaging in the bathroom cleanings, garbage emptying, wipe-downs of surfaces, and sweeping/mopping of hard floors in the business. 

At Jones Boys we provide thirty years of experience with millions of square feet of quality maintenance. If you have additional questions about keeping your carpets pristine or getting your facility on a regular carpet cleaning schedule give us a call today! 206-903-6300

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