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Choosing Commercial Tile vs Carpet in Your Business

by Jones Boys on 02/01/16

Is your business ready for new flooring? Well if it is, you may be debating on what type of flooring to choose—tile or carpet. Durability, image, elegance, maintenance, cleanliness, sound/noise dampening, and health concerns ALL can come into play. You may want to do some extra research into your options before making a decision on which one or what type of flooring to choose. Below we have outlined some points to consider about both carpet and tile, but remember: either way you will want to choose a good maintenance plan to protect your flooring investment and keep your commercial tile or carpet clean and looking good.

Tile can present a clean professional image for your business, for sure. Terrazzo and VCT (Vinyl Composition) are two very popular hard floor materials. They are durable, can be elegant, and can last a long time due to its ability to be repeatedly refinished. Daily cleaning is pretty easy--sweeping and mopping--and no real issues with unseen dirt, dust, and disease like what can happen with carpet. Tile comes in different types of patterns and you can get the best design to fit within your commercial décor. There are some drawbacks though, in commercial settings. These can be cost prohibitive to install certain types, are very difficult to maintain the finish on your own (of course a professional service will make this a non-issue), they can seem "cold" visually and cold physically, they do not dampen sound at all, and may be slippery when wet. 

If you are looking for sound insulation, or for your office space to appear more home-like, softer or warmer you may be looking into carpet for your space. In the past decades commercial carpeting has also been improving to have large-scale patterns, and are more capable of deterring stains and fading—as long as they remain properly maintained. A popular carpet choice is in the newer carpet tiles. These type of tiles can be found in many different types of designs and the carpet tiles can be individually replaced if damaged beyond repair.

The negative side of carpet comes in keeping it clean. This is less of a problem if you hire a good commercial cleaning service. Companies like ours do a good job of vacuuming often, and paying attention to spots and traffic "paths". If carpets aren't cleaned often and properly, dirt and disease (which can be hidden by the carpet in the short term) become trapped deep in the carpet. This is where carpet loses out to hard flooring. Carpet is also less durable than tile, and may "wear" needing to be replaced altogether, whereas with tile, you are only replacing the finish that protects the floor.

If you want to look beyond tile and carpet you may also look into vinyl, rubber or wood flooring. Make sure you make a pro-con list when you are choosing flooring and plan to invest in on-going maintenance to keep whatever commercial flooring that you choose looking like new and staying clean. If you have additional questions regarding commercial flooring or carpet maintenance give Jones Boys a call. And, if you're in the Seattle and Bellevue WA areas, we’d also be happy to clean the flooring for you and your business!

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