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Cleaning Offices, Clinics, and Dealerships....OH MY!

by Jones Boys on 05/14/13

You may have noticed on our website that we prominently display our "Since 1984" tag.  We are so proud of our history and the fact that Jones Boys Maintenance has such an incredible service history in the area.  We recently mentioned that we clean some of the nicest restaurants around, and maybe by reminding folks of that, we may see a few more give us a chance to get them to that high-class level of clean!  We've been cleaning all types of businesses since 1984, and we want to make clear to everyone out there, that we have no hesitation in taking on cleaning the biggest businesses and largest facilities out there. 

\Large Facility and Large Building cleaning and maintenance is actually something we are MORE suited for than most. Auto Dealership cleaning is one area where we have gained high praise. Car dealerships must be cleaned and maintained with much attention to detail. The Jones Boys Maintenance Network, and the unique quality assurance that we provide has risen to the occasion many times in our nearly 30 years of experience. Cleaning for Auto Dealers is an important test of our abilities as a company, because when you see these places, they always need to represent, "Clean", "Shiny", "New-ness" (is that a word?--ha!), etc. Jones Boys can create this atmosphere consistently and affordably for any Auto Dealership out there who needs Janitorial Cleaning services.

Seattle Office Cleaning, Bellevue Office Cleaning, and all areas around the sound have been within our grasp. No complex or network of businesses (if you have separate locations, for instance) is too large for us---we welcome the ability to show how efficiently we can handle large corporation cleaning.  We wouldn't shy away from even the largest of Office Facility cleaning

Also, we can maintain on the schedule of your choosing. Does your building need to be cleaned and maintained nightly?  We got it. Is your company in need of office cleaning only a couple of times per week? Sounds good to us!

Combining these three points of emphasis (1. High-standards, 2. Ability to Handle ANY large-size business, 3. Ability to work on ANY schedule), we can draw one last example of where we could be called upon in the greater Seattle area.  Jones Boys has demonstrated the aptitude to work with Cleaning Medical facilities and have maintained many customers in this field for quite some time. Medical Facility Cleaning can be of the highest scrutiny, they can have the most total area to clean, the largest network of businesses to clean (think: network of clinics), and medical facilities have a more intense cleaning schedule than most.  Once again, we are not only up to the challenge, but we are excited to show any company out there our Health Medical Commercial Cleaning Services!

Hopefully, we this helps some of you out there understand that our company is very multi-faceted.  We can do many small jobs, even for residential cleaning, but where we really "Shine" over our competition, is when we are given even larger and more demanding cleaning work.  Come see the value in Jones Boys Maintenance!


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