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Cultivating Partnerships in Commercial Cleaning Service the Jones Boys Way!

by Jones Boys on 07/19/18

Take a look around our website at and you’ll see that we take pride in our cleaning business. We provide a top-level service, whether it’s our work to keep businesses and large commercial customers cleaner than ever, or our key services to help maintain the roof, gutters, windows, and pressure washing needs of homes and smaller business buildings. As much as we are glad that we can deliver on the actual cleaning part, another whole side of what we do is what truly makes us invaluable to the clients and customers we work with. That other side? It’s in how we respond, stay connected, and check in with our ongoing client relationships. This is what makes the Jones Boys Maintenance Network extremely tough to beat, and much more valuable than even the most competitive quote.

Talking with some of our representatives, like Craig, who works with many of our ongoing commercial cleaning clients, there is no hesitation as to why Jones Boys gets and keeps more and more business every year. “We answer the call,” Craig says, “You’d be shocked how we gain and keep business just by picking up the phone.” Not just the phone---but that is also important. The phone call itself is a good place to start. Whether it’s the main office phone, usually handled by Lisa very quickly and courteously, or when clients call Craig or Richard Jones himself directly, you actually get a person who is ready to speak with you. For longer-time customers, you get someone who remembers you and what we do for your office, building, or facility. You might even be surprised how much we remember about the homeowners who only need us for roof and gutters once a year (Lisa loves to show just how much she values these folks’ business).

Of course, it isn’t just answering the phone that matters, it’s how we respond that shows our real value. When we agree to do a job, especially an ongoing maintenance and cleaning for a facility, we set up expectations that our client can bank on. If it seems that something is not meeting those expectations of quality, our people are quick to get on-site, get in touch with the folks involved, and solve the root of the problem. We’d love to be perfect, but no one really is. What Richard Jones and his network of cleaners CAN offer you is that we will work fast to correct ANY issues that may arise. That’s where Jones Boys’ value really lies----quality assurance.

We found an article online that spells out quite simply the kind of formula it takes to make sure we’re the best we can be for our clients. In an article entitled “How to Strengthen Relationships with Your Clients," Alyssa Gregory writes about SIX key points for developing key relationships for business. Jones Boys Maintenance Network not only does this with our clients, but also our network of cleaning specialists that we work to assign and facilitate all the cleaning tasks.

The first point in this article is to “Get to Know Your Clients,” and that’s why we begin with very thorough and customized cleaning quotes and schedules, but we go further to understand WHY a business must be kept clean---for what exact purpose. Then we “Do Exceptional Work,” and if we didn’t, we certainly wouldn’t have a 34-year history of success. Jones Boys makes a point to “Communicate With Clients Regularly,” which is where many of our competitors may fall short. We strive to be ultra-responsive (as this article states), not just in talking, but in responsive action! They mention to “Ask for Feedback” which we do constantly, both formally and informally with our clients and our cleaning staff, and to “Rely on Your Expertise,” which is how our 34 years of experience (plus all of the added experiences of the cleaners and reps we bring into the fold) comes to benefit Jones Boys customers year after year. And, once again, this article we found defines much of what we do, in that the end goal is to “Cultivate Partnerships.” That is EXACLTY what the Jones Boys Maintenance Network, it’s representatives, and it’s cleaning contractors are built to do.

Give us a call. We’ll answer. We’ll RESPOND. And, we are ready to cultivate a successful partnership with you and your business!

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