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Five Important Spring Cleaning tasks for your home or small business!

by Jones Boys on 04/14/14

Spring is here, and here in the Pacific Northwest, it took until April to see some drier, sunnier weather. Along with all of the fun stuff we get to do outdoors, we also have to think about our greatest investment---our homes. We may have neglected or even ignored some of our home's outer appearance in the cold and wet winter months.  Now you'll have the opportunity to get everything caught up with a Spring Cleaning, right??  Here are five areas that you'll want to get caught up on for the sake of your home, or even your small business building.

1. Get your roof cleaned.  In order to be kept up properly, homes in this climate should be cleaned every two years at a minimum.  We'd suggest it be done every year.  It's also very good to have a moss treatment applied.  If you're not sure how to properly clean your roof, then you'll want to research it carefully.  Different types of roof materials require different equipment and methods. 

Professionals like the ones that we send out (Jones Boys Maintenance) have the proper equipment, training, treatment products, and take the proper safety precautions. Most folks hire a professional for roof cleaning, but one way or another, you've got to get the nasty debris and moss off of your roof to make sure it lasts longer.

2. Catch up on Gutter Cleaning. Some folks wait until the end of summer to clean the gutters on the sides of your roof.  It makes sense because it's right before the rains start coming. Consider though, that more gunk and debris blows around and into those gutters throughout the fall and winter.  Take the FIRST opportunity to get them cleared out. In most cases, companies who clean roofs can handle this for you at the same time.

3. Take care of the Window Cleaning.  The sun is shining more, earlier in the morning and for more hours in the day. It becomes VERY evident if your windows are not up to par. Get them clean and clear, and you'll be able to see our and let the sun in all summer long!

Cleaning windows can be easy enough for most home owners, if the windows are easy to reach. The second and third story windows may not be as easy to get to and get clean. The proper equipment can be purchased, but you may find that it's not worth the investment if you're only using it once or twice a year. 

A professional window cleaner can get it done faster, with the right equipment, and if a spot is missed, you can have THEM do it over! You can leave the ladder in the garage and let a professional get the inside and outside of your windows crystal clear!  (In Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland and the rest of the Eastside, Jones Boys can handle this for you as well!)

4. Give decks, patios and driveways a pressure washing. Keeping a deck clean can keep moss from attacking the wood and keep it looking presentable for all of your guests. Cement and pavement will also look MUCH better with a pressure washing. It takes special equipment and some know how.  You also have the option here of figuring it out on your own, or hiring an experienced pro.

5. Catch up on carpets. Carpeting can take a beating in the soaked and sloppy fall and winter months.  If it's been a little while since you tended to your carpet, it's a great time to get caught up.  Pay special attention to the "heavy traffic" or regular pathways through your carpeted rooms.  If dirtier spots or areas are visible, it's already overdue.  Get it done to look great in the many brighter hours of the day.

A professional cleaning will eliminate a ton of hassle and the amount of expertise that and experienced carpet cleaner brings to you is ASTOUNDING!  Strongly consider hiring a company to handle all your carpets in one fell swoop.  They'll also dry faster in these drier months.

Jones Boys Maintenance can handle ALL FIVE of these tasks, or whichever ones you decide that you don't want to tackle yourself.  We work with homeowners, but also small businesses.  If you must maintain your own business building and property, make sure to give Jones Boys a call to help you get ahead of these chores.  We serve the Bellevue and Seattle areas, and clean for many homeowners in Bellevue WA, Redmond WA, Kirkland, Issaquah, Sammamish and the rest of the greater Eastside. 

Happy Spring Cleaning and we look forward to hearing from you!

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