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Hard Floor Waxing and Cleaning: Good Floors are Good for Business!

by Jones Boys on 06/25/14

In our 25-plus years of experience in Cleaning Seattle and Bellevue area businesses, we've seen all types of flooring. Carpet, hardwood, tile & grout, sealed concrete, terrazzo and VCT are just a few of them. In business, keeping these clean can be vital to the image of the company, or companies residing in that building. A consistent cleaning program is the best way to keep floors in good shape, as an investment in the material itself, and also looking as professional as the folks who work in that office.

Far too often, the cleaning program or budget is one of the first areas to be scaled back when cuts need to be made. It's unfortunate that many professionals do not realize the importance of workplace cleanliness until it is too late. Floor care quickly becomes a problem area when it does not receive the proper attention.  Carpets and hard floors alike need to be vacuumed, swept, or mopped to stay clear of collecting dirt and debris. In the case of flooring like Vinyl Composition Tile, or VCT, we are talking about a much larger issue.

Caring for VCT, requires a real investment. That investment can really pay off when it comes to presentation at your building.  The high gloss floors at top-end supermarkets and stores, come from VCT flooring and a significant amount (many applied coats) of well maintained floor finish or floor waxing. That high gloss, clear, shiny look can translate into big dollars. Unfortunately, some make the choice to use VCT and floor waxing, only to abandon the consistent attention that it truly requires.

This is where a professional company like ours comes in. Yes, it costs money to hire a pro to handle your hard floors and VCT. The gains in business, though, should be a deciding factor, and furthermore, an experienced cleaning company knows how to save you money and hassle on a pro-style hard floor care program
How would Jones Boys Maintenance propose to create "successful floors" AND save money?  Here are a few hints that a company like ours uses in your favor:

Floor Waxing

1. We sweep and mop completely every time we can. If you have a daily program, we hold our workers to the standard that this will be done, even if it "looks clean enough".

2. Floors with wax or finish on them must be cleaned with a chemical that will not harm them. Often times a pH neutral cleaner should be used.

3. Floor buffing or burnishing isn't always necessary, but can really make floors "pop"!  If it's not part of a regular program, it is still very good to have it done periodically to remove any stubborn marks or streaks. It gets the floor surface clean without eating away at the layers of finish.

4. You can avoid yellow-looking finish, and having to strip the floor for longer periods of time by deep machine-scrubbing the floors with the proper pad, rinsing, drying, and applying fresh finish. Floor wax can turn yellow on it's own, but usually it's embedding dirt that causes the floors to look dingy faster. Deep scrubbing gives you a clean surface and you can build up coats of wax to maintain a high-gloss look. Also, the high-traffic areas will need this done more often than the rest.

5. Never let the floor wax wear down and expose the floor. Don't hesitate to have your floors stripped if it is necessary. This eventually needs to be done, and you never want to expose VCT tiles to dirt without having wax on them. Jones Boys Maintenance does waxing and stripping projects all of the time, we'd simply prefer to do this less by maintaining the floors longer. This will save you cost and labor.  These projects take much more time than regular cleaning or even deep-scrubbing work.

6. Nice floor mats at entrances are vital! Over 80% of the dirt in you building is walked in from the outside. The good news is that you can slow the process and keep a ton of this dirt out, by utilizing 5-10 feet of floor matting at every entrance. Then it's up to the cleaning folks to vacuum these mats daily.  And, our folks do this GLADLY knowing how much money and time it saves us by keeping dirt off of the hard floors and waxed tiles!

Looking for help in achieving "successful floors" in your business?  Jones Boys Maintenance has kept an impeccable reputation as a commercial cleaning company in Seattle and Bellevue WA.  Look into us today, and we will be glad to put together a complete quote and cleaning program tailored to your particular business.  Call Jones Boys today at 206-903-6300!

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