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Healthcare, Medical Cleaning Services: The Need for Specialized Professionals

by Jones Boys on 06/10/15

There is clean and then there is medical grade clean. Medical cleaning takes cleanliness standards to a whole new level because it is vital to ensure that health care facilities do not become a safety hazard by spreading infectious germs. There needs to be professional sanitation to protect all patients, visitors and the workers themselves. There is a specialized comprehensive cleaning process that needs to take place when cleaning a medical facility. 

If you are in charge of or the coordinator for cleaning a medical facility, then you will want to call a professional who has experience in medical cleaning. Medical cleaning-experienced technicians will know the proper solutions to use to eliminate pathogens without using a high level of irritants. These specialized experts will have also been trained in the high risk areas in a medical building and how to give them a comprehensive cleaning. Below is a list of some important elements that should be included in a medical clean. 
  •  A specific focus on high traffic spaces such as restrooms, lobbies and waiting rooms. These are considered high touch areas where contaminates can easily be transferred. 
  • Deep carpet cleaning and quality floor car. The floor in a medical facility is a dirty space that can harbor pathogens and allergens. 
  • Proper disposal of waste and in compliance with OSHA standards to prevent continued contamination. Appropriate removal of trash including wearing gloves and not allowing waste to directly into contact with bodies/ body parts. 
  • Extensive sanitation of all surfaces that are touched by multiple people including door knobs, lights. 
When going to a medical facility patients are looking to get well not get further sick from pathogens that are present in the building. Not only will visitors be looking for the area to be visually clean but they want the space to be safe and sanitized. If you are looking for affordable high- quality medical cleaning professionals then you can trust in Jones Boys Maintenance. We have over thirty years of experience in cleaning medical facilities and always aim to exceed your expectations. 

Large businesses often have their own staff, but every small dental office or clinic must also be cleaned properly in this way. We work with many medical clinics on consistent cleaning programs, and we'd be glad to show you what a fully responsible program would look like. If you have additional questions regarding specialized cleaning or want to set up a cleaning program for your facility give us a call today! 206-903-6300

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