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Licensed, Bonded, Insured Commercial Cleaning

by Jones Boys on 06/13/13

Jones Boys Maintenance is proud to be a licensed contractor with the State of Washington (CL#JONESBM006NU).  Housekeeping services may not choose to obtain this type of license, but as a Janitorial Service Company it's quite important. When Commercial Cleaning Seattle Offices and other businesses look for a company to rely on to clean their facility night after night, and week after week, they are going to want a company that is licensed and has as much relevant experience as possible.

The most important parts though, for the customer, even the residential customer, are the bonding and insurance of the contractor/cleaning company. If a commercial cleaning service has an employee of theirs doing office cleaning and they get hurt in some way, the cleaning company will have the insurance to cover them.  If the company though, is not insured, the claim will fall to the property-owner or hiring business.  This is bad news! 

You must make sure that your Commercial Cleaning Company is insured, and realize that a lower-priced janitorial service that is not insured is not worth the risk. Lucky for anyone reading this, Jones Boys Maintenance is also insured as part of the contractor licensing process, and we're covered for any Commercial Cleaning Bellevue WA needs!

We also mentioned "bonding" or being "bonded".  That is just about as important as having an insured cleaning service. What insurance does for injuries, bonding does for property-damage and theft situations.  If your Janitorial Service isn't bonded and one of their employees happens to steal from you or someone at your home or business, then there may not be much you or the company can really do about it.  The Bonding process protects you in this case.  Also, if an accident occurs while cleaning and some of the property is damaged---water damage, items dropped, machinery damaging walls or floors---then this bond will keep your business or personal account safe from having to cover it yourself.

As with many other contractors--Plumbers, Electricians, etc.--it isn't worth a cut-rate to have a shoddy business do your work without a license, and being bonded and insured.  You truly "get what you pay for". In business, it is important to look at "value" instead of only "price", and in cleaning it's even more important because the quality of work can range SO VERY MUCH.

Jones Boys is proud to provide many quality assurance methods to our customers, and we are proud to be Licensed, Bonded, and Insured for the peace of mind of all of our customers.


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