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Quality Assurance in Facility Cleaning and "The Jones Boys Way"

by Jones Boys on 01/30/18

We have written a blog post on the 14 ways that Jones Boys provides value to our cleaning customers. It's not just something we write about though, it's actually part of our proposal to clean every facility or office that we come into contact with. Many of these points make customers feel like they are getting a great deal for the services we provide. Most importantly, it's the Jones Boys way of quality assurance that leaves commercial cleaning customers glad to have chosen us, and continuing on in a relationship with our service for decades in some cases.

According to businessdictionary.com, quality assurance is a "wider concept" than quality control, and it "covers all policies and systematic activities implemented within a quality system". That means, that the quality isn't just rated coldly on the cleaning results, but also how we go about serving you. It's more than just getting the job done, but also making sure that you continue to feel as if all the goals and commitments that were laid out at the beginning are reached. It's all about continuing to deliver for our customers.

Going back through our "14 ways that we provide value" list, it's no surprise to see that a majority of these important points, pertain directly to an assurance of quality. Here are a few of points that show our commitment to quality assurance, or "QA", as the industry refers to it:

#5. A Qualified & Highly-Trained Staff. You've got to remember that we are a "maintenance network" and that means that we get to go and find the very best cleaning pros in the area. We get cleaning businesses under our umbrella of service to you, and we hand-pick them for specific expertise, and they must CONTINUE providing high-level service for our customers. Our long-standing relationships with our cleaning personnel means that we've already found the best and any new cleaning outfits we work with, will always have to meet that standard.

#7. Regular Inspections. We trust our cleaning staff, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't be getting our own eyes on the results of their work for you. This simply provides a double-check that what you asked for, you are getting. And hey, honest mistakes happen. We do these inspections to make sure that you aren't dealing with every little tweak and fix, but that we are catching anything before you have to.

#8. Constant Communication and Follow-through. That last point leads perfectly into this one. With a Jones Boys agreement, comes excellent effort in communication to make sure small issues never become big issues. Work is done to your specifications, your business is happier and cleaner for longer. And most importantly, when you ask for it, we deliver it in a timely manner.

We are also, of course, licensed federally and locally (that's #2), fully bonded (#3), and insured with an A+ comprehensive insurer (#4), which ads even more assurance that no matter what happens, you are safe working with us.

This is "The Jones Boys Way", and we have been practicing it for 34 years now. Quality assurance has been the key to our success, and continues to be our main focus, because that focus is on YOU and what your want for YOUR FACILITY. We love our customers and we love what we do. If you're looking for a commercial cleaning company in the Seattle area or Bellevue WA area, please put us to the test (spoiler alert: we'll pass!). And if you're not in our area, make sure that whatever janitorial cleaning company you work with, treats you with the utmost in quality assurance.

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