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Restaurant and Kitchen Cleaning in Seattle and Bellevue

by Jones Boys on 04/16/13

Restaurants have an interesting situation when it comes to keeping clean and handling their Janitorial Service needs. It's unique because they have TWO sides to keeping their business clean and maintained. There's the dining and service areas where tables, chairs, floors, carpets, and the ever-mysterious area UNDER the tables and chairs must be cleaned and maintained on a daily basis at minimum.  And, there's the kitchen and food-prep areas that must be kept clean and sanitary all day long WHILE the workday is going, and also must have many cleaning tasks checked off on a daily and weekly basis.

As always, Jones Boys Maintenance isn't forcing you to take our word for it. Here are a couple of articles that you can use to verify the points we are covering: an article at Food Service Warehouse and one at .

Food Service Warehouse has a nice "Top ten things to consider" list that covers many of the issues that we LOVE to discuss with kitchen and restaurant owners. The truth is that it's important for a cleaning and janitorial service to know EXACTLY what the restaurant owner expects and needs from his/her cleaning program. And, even if you hire out your nightly/weekly duties, there are still parts of the cleaning program that must be handled by Restaurant staff.

The article at goes over all of the EVER-IMPORTANT kitchen cleaning duties that must be handled. Those in food-service know that keeping a healthy work area is a CONSTANT task. This article does a great job of labeling the duties in groups depending on how often the tasks must be done. 

Jones Boys Maintenance has excelled with cleaning Restaurants and food Service businesses. We have many contracts where we handle the dining areas (carpet cleaning, general disinfecting, windows, etc), and contracts where we come in nightly or weekly to "turn over" the kitchen area and take care of all of the things that your busy cooks aren't able to get to in a normal workday. Jones Boys also has contract where we handle BOTH sides of the cleaning picture.

Kitchen cleaning is the far more delicate of the tasks, and we are such a great fit for these tasks because Jones Boys does more than other Kitchen Cleaning Services to ensure the quality of the cleaning work.  Quality control is what has made Jones Boys Maintenance such a strong cleaning business in Bellevue WA and Seattle

Upon reading these articles, it's easy to see that a Restaurant owner cannot "roll the dice" and take chances when it comes to the health of its patrons, and therefore the cleanliness of its kitchens, plus the sanitary nature of the food they serve. Our company is more than adept and experienced enough to handle the daily tasks like cleaning the floors of the kitchen, or washing the hood filters. We can take the weekly duties off your hands--like cleaning ovens, coffee machines, or sinks and faucets--you know, the stuff that can get forgotten in the daily grind of the food service industry.

Whatever your needs, Jones Boys is excited to talk with you and your restaurant about keeping it safe, keeping it clean, and making sure that the experience of your customers is kept as popular and enjoyable as the best dish on your menu!

Give Jones Boys a call today to get a free estimate on kitchen or restaurant cleaning! 206-903-6300 .

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