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Roof Cleaning Sells Houses Faster and Possibly for More

by Jones Boys on 04/26/16

Are you thinking about putting your house on the market for this spring/summer season? When you are getting ready to list your residence you will want to complete repairs and maintenance that will add to the sale ability—and you will want to pay close attention to your home’s outside appearance, or "curb appeal". The curb appeal can help sell your house and even add to the real value of your home. Fresh paint, landscaping, and exterior upgrades are also sales boosters that will get your home noticed. We'd like to point out that a newly cleaned roof is a often-overlooked way to show owner care and maintenance as well as preserve the longevity of your housing structure.

When you have your roof cleaned it will fit with the other repairs and maintenance being done to your house. A dirty roof not only looks unattractive and can stick out like a sore thumb but can be an indicator of negligence to the rest of the structure. This could deter potential buyers or lead them to infer that the home has not been properly maintained. You don't want an unkempt roof to indicate that there may be other necessary repairs throughout the house. A clean roof can also help the potential buyers become more attached to the home which may lead to a sale and even less negotiations during the offer period.

In addition to the visual appeal of getting your roof clean you are preserving the roofing investment and the housing structure itself. If there is mold or algae growing on your roof, it is causing damage. As organisms are allowed to grow they will degrade your shingle and your roof. This may lead to failed inspections and the need to replace your roof or sections of your roof before the sale of your house is final—and that can be costly. Save yourself the headache and large investment by simply maintaining the cleanliness of your roof with a thorough roof cleaning.

The roofing structure of a house can be dangerous- and roofs can easily be damaged so you will want to call a professional for your roof cleaning. Jones Boys Maintenance has decades of service and experience cleaning roofs—we will clean your roof correctly, with the proper roof cleaning specialist and the proper equipment. Give us a call today and we will work with you to get your roof looking great before you list it for sale.

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