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Summer is a good time for Roof Cleaning Bellevue!

by Jones Boys on 07/10/13

Summer is STILL a good time for Roof Cleaning Bellevue WA! Or, shall we say, Bellevue and Eastside areas should still be looking into getting their roofs cleaned. 

Many times, we will see a rush of roof cleaning customers right at the beginning of Spring--which is fine, but folks stop thinking it's a good time to get the roof cleaned once summer hits.  I guess it's because Fall is coming on fast, and homeowners figure that more debris will come, so they just put it off. 

First of all, YIKES! More debris and harsh conditions coming up are even more reasons to get your roof cleaned and de-mossed as soon as you can! 

Secondly, if you have a shingled roof, many professionals say that Summer time is the BEST time to clean your roof.  Why?  Because of the dry weather is safer for the cleaning company (or YOU, if you're a do-it-yourselfer), which leads to a faster and more efficent job for you!

Rooftops can get a bit too warm for cleaning in the summer, but in the Northwest, that isn't as much of a problem as other areas of the county.  But, the bottom line is that you want to get your roof cleaned before too much debris or moss collect, so don't let the time of year keep you from doing what you should.

Let's get all of the life we can out of that roof!  If it's been a couple of years since you've had a good roof cleaning, give us a call and let's get it done now, just to make sure you can go a few more years with no worries.

We perform roof cleaning Bellevue WA homeowners have been happy with for years.  We know the type of issues and roof cleaning Mercer Island homes deal with versus say when we are roof cleaning Issaquah homes.

Give Jones Boys a call for any type of cleaning and treatment on any type of roof.  We will give you a solid estimate and we assure the quality of our work!  Remember, Summer is still a great time to get your roof cleaned by Jones Boys!

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