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The Benefits of CLEAN Carpet for your Business.

by Jones Boys on 08/26/13

The popularity of quality carpeting in businesses and public places, as well as in homes, has fluxuated greatly over the years. Carpeting tends to provide a cozy and comfortable experience for customers.  Businesses can put customers at ease with clean fresh carpet in their establishment. Other benefits of carpeting are the insulating nature for helping keep the room warm in the winter, and it also can help create a quieter work environment as a sort of sound-proofing.

About a decade ago, it became very vogue to take out existing carpeting and go toward a hard-floor solution instead. Why? Well, there was some speculation about disease spread in certain places.  Hard floor is easier to disinfect and keep germs out of.  But generally, the problem is one of maintenance.  Many facilities, and even homeowners, may like the simplicity and look of hard floors, but the bottom line is that it is quite a bit more difficult to maintain carpeting.

Think about it, though.....should you be taking carpeting out of your business if it's there for comfort, warmth, and elegance? Might it be a worthwhile investment for your customers and your workers to have a better environment, that's more condusive to conducting business?  If you could afford to properly care for your carpet, could it possibly help INCREASE your bottom line?

Jones Boys Maintenance and it's owner, Richard Jones, would contend that it's worth your time to at lease get a quote on what it would take to have your business on a regular maintenance schedule.  Sure, you can wait to call a carpet cleaner until you SEE the stains and traffic area buildup, but often times it is already too late. Waiting to do restorative care on your carpet can allow the carpeting to break down faster and not retain the "pop" that makes it so elegant in the first place.

Don't get us Jones Boys wrong, we can handle all of your restorative needs, as well. If you are invested in quality carpeting for the betterment of your business and/or service, you are best served investing in a method of keeping it clean and looking spectacular. 

A good Commercial Carpet Cleaning company is hard to find. In our history we've had tremendous success maintaining the carpeting of many businesses in Bellevue WA and the Puget Sound area. Using steam extraction and the latest tools and effective cleaners, we can handle all kinds of carpeting.

Jones Boys can tackle the heavy traffic areas, office areas, and the tough spots and stains. Whether it's on a regular cleaning schedule (which we recommend) or it's a one-time restorative job you need accomplished, Jones Boys can perform up to your high standards!

We can also handle upholstery needs around your business so that you don't have to call a separate company.  We are the Commercial Carpet Cleaning Bellevue WA businesses can call upon for all of their needs!  We also service Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, and all sorts of businesses inbetween.

Don't risk your business' appearance and your business environtment any longer.  Call today (or fill out our quote request form) for a quote on a regular maintenance schedule for your carpeting or for your entire business,....Remember, with Jones Boys, "one call cleans it all!"

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