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The Best Office Cleaners in Seattle and Bellevue are OFFICIALLY here at Jones Boys!

by Jones Boys on 02/03/17

Since 1984, Jones Boys Maintenance has worked toward a reputation for affordability, amazing performance, and customer service that is hard to match in ANY industry. So, when puts together the list of the 20 Best Office Cleaning Companies in Seattle (and Bellevue areas, of course) like they just did, we'd expect Jones Boys Maintenance to be recognized, but that doesn't make us any less flattered. We are honored to be named on this list!

Best Office Cleaning Service Seattle
We took a little deeper look into how they made their determination and it's very easy to see where our strengths as a Janitorial and Office Cleaning company fit their criteria. Their selection criteria comes down to a list of five ranking criteria. We thought it would be fun to walk through each one and show how we've exemplified each point.

Here are some examples of how Jones Boys has lived up to each of Expertise's judgement criteria:

1. Reputation
They describe reputation to stand for "a history of delighted customers as a signal of outstanding service". As we've mentioned a multitude of times on this site, we've been in business since 1984---that means we are in our 34th year of operation! What means more is that we have so many LONG TERM clients, some of which have been with us on constant cleaning contracts for over 20 years! We actually keep folks coming back simply because have a reputation for quality control and value in Office Cleaning in Seattle and Bellevue/Eastside areas.

2. Credibility
Remaining in the cleaning business in this area for 34 years contains it's own level of credibility. We are also locally owned and operated, and of course there is our BBB accreditation. 

3. Experience
Years of experience as a business are important, but also as a "maintenance network" we have the ability to find the best cleaners in the area and improve our providers constantly. We only hire cleaning pros with extensive experience to work for you, and we utilize them for their specific areas of expertise. We've been problem solving for facilities like the one you work at for decades!

4. Availability
We are always SUPER PREPARED to give you a complete quote and consultation. Whether it's our friendly office staff that can give you some idea over the phone, or an in-person customized quote on what it takes to clean your facility on a schedule of your choosing. Once we are working with a regular client, we pride ourselves on being reachable to maintain ultimate quality-control---communication is key, and we are as available as any cleaning company to ensure your happiness.

5. Professionalism
We mentioned being super prepared for your call, being accountable, and having the best cleaning professionals---this equates to a level of professionalism that will give you peace of mind from the moment you call upon Jones Boys Maintenance for you Office Cleaning needs.

And, there you have it! The most likely explanations for how we are one of the Best Office Cleaners in Seattle. We are honored, but the only way for you to ACTUALLY find out how true this is, will be to call us and get your very own customized quote for facility cleaning. We look forward to hearing from you!

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