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Top Five Reasons to get a Free Cleaning Quote from Jones Boys!

by Jones Boys on 10/22/13

Jones Boys Maintenance offers a FREE quote on any cleaning job we offer!  And, in some cases--say for nightly janitorial contracts--we'll most likely come to your facility to make sure we put together an accurate quote for all of your needs. If you're even considering getting your home, building, or facility cleaned up or restored with any of the services we offer, then you should just give us a call for an accurate price now.

If you're not yet convinced, we thought we'd have a little fun and give you the TOP FIVE REASONS that you should get a Free Quote from Jones Boys today!

5) It may help you stop procrastinating. You might be surprised at the value Jones Boys offers, and maybe a free estimate will help you decide to get the job done sooner! Whether it's finally getting a contract cleaner for your business, or just making sure the roof on your home gets cleaned---it's not a good idea to keep waiting.  A free quote will help you decide if you're ready for the next step.

4) Working with us might be more cost and time effective than handling your own cleaning job. Business owners and home owners may think they have things "under control" themselves (or with the use of employees), but maybe, just maybe it's a more cost effective move to have a professional handle things. Even just on jobs around the home, it may not be worth the time, hassle, and materials to say, clean your own windows.  A free estimate quote will help you see clearly whether it's worth your time to do it yourself.

3) You can compare with the service you already use. You may have a cleaning company like ours that you already use. If you're happy with their work then there's probably no reason to check with us. But, if you'd like to know what a quality service like ours costs, than we'd be glad to help you know your options. There's nothing wrong with checking out our pricing on any job, maybe we will show to be the better company for you!

2) Get an accurate cost for YOUR specific situation. The cost of jobs like roof cleaning, carpet cleaning, and hard floor care can vary greatly depending on the size or area of the job, and certain other factors. Finding out what another customer paid for a certain job may not be accurate for your situation. We've run into many customers whose idea of what their cleaning work should cost was way off-base. Call on us and lets get you an accurate cost!

1) The best's FREE!  Even if it's for your business and not you personally, it's nice to be "in the know" and aware of what a quality service like ours will cost.  Call us today at 206-903-6300 or fill out our free quote form online!

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