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Why A Professional Janitorial Service Cannot Be Beaten By An In-house Cleaning Staff

by Jones Boys on 01/10/19

When it comes to keeping your business buildings clean, you always have the option of hiring your own in-house cleaning staff, or working with a dedicated janitorial company like ours. Of course we’d like to think that Jones Boys simply does it better than anyone else can, but there are some advantages to having your own staff for cleaning. We think the benefits of hiring an outside cleaning company are very attractive though, and we want to share those benefits with you. In the end, you'll see that an outside company cannot be beaten by in-house staff.

Here are FIVE important benefits of choosing to use an “outsourced” or dedicated janitorial cleaning company:

1. Avoid Employee Hassles. Remember, if you don’t need hire a cleaning staff, you won’t have to deal with all the added concerns of hiring more employees. That’s the time and cost of the hiring process, employment taxes, workers’ compensation, insurance and other benefits, and of course, the cost (in time or money) of managing your cleaning staff. With an outside service, you don’t have to pay all of these separate costs---the outside professional cleaner takes care of it. You also won’t need to handle hiring and firing employees constantly (in-house cleaning staff positions can have a tendency to be high-turnover positions).

2. No Need To Purchase Supplies. If you are a large facility, it’s possible that you could get bulk deals and warehouse cleaning supplies---chemicals, mops, machinery etc.---but in most cases, you will never match the buying power and efficiency that a professional cleaning company can obtain. Once again, it’s not only the idea that they keep this cost down and roll it into your price to hire them, but also, there’s NO HASSLE for you. Time is money and you won’t need to task someone in your company with having to gain expertise in what cleaning products work best and how to get the lowest costs.

3. Better Adjustment to Budget Changes. If your company were to invest in an in-house, hired staff, then a change in allocated budget for cleaning can throw your whole plan into chaos. An abrupt change in budget would likely cause you to need to reduce your staff and reassign work to the remaining staff members. With an outside company, you can merely change your schedule and/or change the frequency with which you ask certain tasks to be performed. With a responsive and responsible cleaning company (such as Jones Boys), it’s a pretty immediate change.

4. Savings on Training Needs. Based on what we’ve been outlining here, you can see that it also would not be your responsibility to make sure a cleaning job and best practices are understood and being followed. Professional janitorial service providers hire and train staff to be knowledgeable in the latest techniques and in most cases their level of experience cannot be matched by in-house workers.

5. Overall cost savings. All of the aforementioned points lead to general cost savings. The success of your program then lies with the quality of work performed by the janitorial service you are using. A good commercial cleaning company will be responsive in correcting issues, and will give you very few issues to begin with. If you find a cleaning company that really delivers, it’s nearly impossible to compete with an in-house staff when comparing the costs of each.

If you have a large enough company and considering whether to go in-house or get a separate company, well there are a few advantages to hiring your own staff. Usually, though, it is more of a luxury that gains in some small areas like added security, the pride of knowing they are a part of your business’ team, the ability to schedule their time directly and flexibly, and in some cases it fits certain facilities better (such as schools). But, give a company like us at Jones Boys an opportunity to present a customized program and quote----then allow us to show you how quickly and efficiently we solve problems and align to your specific cleaning needs---you’ll see there is really no way to be more cost-effective, and the results would be unbeatable.

Call on Jones Boys Maintenance as well, because we pull in cleaners with specialist abilities as well. Within our network of cleaners, we have the ability to do intermittent cleaning tasks with folks that specialize in that exact type of cleaning (experienced carpet extraction staff, for instance). We manage your cleaning program closely and we’d love to show you a high-level of cleaning performance, and customer service that makes you feel like you’re getting great value at every turn. If you live in Seattle or Bellevue areas, call Jones Boys for a customized cleaning program quote today!

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