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Restaurant and Kitchen Cleaning in Seattle and Bellevue

by Jones Boys on 04/16/13

Restaurants have an interesting situation when it comes to keeping clean and handling their Janitorial Service needs. It's unique because they have TWO sides to keeping their business clean and maintained. There's the dining and service areas where tables, chairs, floors, carpets, and the ever-mysterious area UNDER the tables and chairs must be cleaned and maintained on a daily basis at minimum.  And, there's the kitchen and food-prep areas that must be kept clean and sanitary all day long WHILE the workday is going, and also must have many cleaning tasks checked off on a daily and weekly basis.

As always, Jones Boys Maintenance isn't forcing you to take our word for it. Here are a couple of articles that you can use to verify the points we are covering: an article at Food Service Warehouse and one at .

Food Service Warehouse has a nice "Top ten things to consider" list that covers many of the issues that we LOVE to discuss with kitchen and restaurant owners. The truth is that it's important for a cleaning and janitorial service to know EXACTLY what the restaurant owner expects and needs from his/her cleaning program. And, even if you hire out your nightly/weekly duties, there are still parts of the cleaning program that must be handled by Restaurant staff.

The article at goes over all of the EVER-IMPORTANT kitchen cleaning duties that must be handled. Those in food-service know that keeping a healthy work area is a CONSTANT task. This article does a great job of labeling the duties in groups depending on how often the tasks must be done. 

Jones Boys Maintenance has excelled with cleaning Restaurants and food Service businesses. We have many contracts where we handle the dining areas (carpet cleaning, general disinfecting, windows, etc), and contracts where we come in nightly or weekly to "turn over" the kitchen area and take care of all of the things that your busy cooks aren't able to get to in a normal workday. Jones Boys also has contract where we handle BOTH sides of the cleaning picture.

Kitchen cleaning is the far more delicate of the tasks, and we are such a great fit for these tasks because Jones Boys does more than other Kitchen Cleaning Services to ensure the quality of the cleaning work.  Quality control is what has made Jones Boys Maintenance such a strong cleaning business in Bellevue WA and Seattle

Upon reading these articles, it's easy to see that a Restaurant owner cannot "roll the dice" and take chances when it comes to the health of its patrons, and therefore the cleanliness of its kitchens, plus the sanitary nature of the food they serve. Our company is more than adept and experienced enough to handle the daily tasks like cleaning the floors of the kitchen, or washing the hood filters. We can take the weekly duties off your hands--like cleaning ovens, coffee machines, or sinks and faucets--you know, the stuff that can get forgotten in the daily grind of the food service industry.

Whatever your needs, Jones Boys is excited to talk with you and your restaurant about keeping it safe, keeping it clean, and making sure that the experience of your customers is kept as popular and enjoyable as the best dish on your menu!

Give Jones Boys a call today to get a free estimate on kitchen or restaurant cleaning! 206-903-6300 .

Window Cleaning - Why hire a professional?

by Jones Boys on 03/21/13

Spring is here and windows must are likely in need of a little cleaning.  To do it yourself, or hire a professional - Is that the question?

Do a quick Google search on window cleaning, and all that's involved. You don't have to take our word for it.  Most people have no idea what's involved to get sparkling clean windows. It's exhausting just going down the list:

* Access - you need to clear the area where you plan to wash the windows. If you have a 2 or 3 story house, then scaffolding or special tools are required.

* Tools - you need scrapers, squeegees, cleaning solution, buckets, and towels

* Technique - this is where most of us fall short. Cleaning windows is one of those "simple" tasks few ever master. A professional window cleaner can turn dirty windows into clear sheets of glass, with zero streaks.

Like I said, that's a feat few Do-It-Yourself types can match. Shew, I'm exhausted even thinking about doing the kind of work it takes. 

Ok, so why hire a professional? In addition to avoiding all kinds of effort on your part, you avoid the disappointment of a result that's less than satisfactory. When you consider the value of your time and the value of having the job done right, hiring a professional makes sense. Jones Boys professional window cleaners will make your windows perfectly clean and clear at a reasonable cost. To do it yourself, or hire a professional, is simply NOT a question!

Here's a little more about what we do............

Jones Boys is happy to handle this service for both Residential Window Cleaning jobs, and for Commercial Window Cleaning needs as well.  We have the tools to get your commercial window cleaning done (under 4 stories) in a timely manner. Jones Boys Maintenance also takes all of the proper precautions to keep the job as clean and discreet as possible. Most importantly your Window Cleaning gets you the results you want---crystal clear windows!

For Residential Window Cleaning, Bellevue WA homeowners know that Jones Boys has the ability to get the job done professionally, carefully, and in a timely manner. You'll be amazed at the cost effectiveness of our affordable window cleaning. Cleaning your home's windows yourself can be time-consuming, dangerous, and won't likely yield the results that a Professional Window Cleaner would get.

 Jones Boys Maintenance has the equipment and versatility to handle your windows and get them cleaner than ever. Commercial Window Cleaning Bellevue WA hire again and again, and residential Window Cleaning Bellevue WA homeowners can depend on! Call for an estimate today! 425-881-2977

Importance of Roof Maintenance?

by Jones Boys on 02/27/13

Let's face it, when it comes to maintenance of anything, it just isn't an exciting topic. We know that it's important to get your oil changed, your teeth cleaned, or have your lawn mowed. At times we forget the consequences of not doing them. Your roof is no exception.

So, why should you have your roof cleaned at least once every other year? (The long rainy season in Western Washington, makes it an even better idea to have your roof cleaned annually). In addition to helping maintain the appearance of your home, roof cleaning is vital to the longevity of your roof.

Here are some of the important reasons to have a roof cleaning performed:

1. Flood control: Removal of debris such as twigs, leaves, and branches can help avoid clogging gutters which can lead to problems of flooding as water overflows the gutters into your yard.

2. Inspection: Durning a professional roof cleaning, a roof inspection can detect problems such as loose or broken shingles or shakes. Making a minor repair of a few tiles can save you thousands in having to re-roof prematurely.

3. Moss control: In the northwest moss is public enemy number one when it comes to roofs. Unabated moss can ultimately cover a roof with a slimy green layer in a relatively short time (sometimes in one season). Moss can damage the surface of your roof and also make it more susceptible to damage from weather.

Wet climates increase the likelihood of moss. In our area of the country moss is a fact of life. However, there are ways to combat its destructiveness. A thorough roof cleaning to remove moss is a worthwhile effort in itself.

So the next time you visit the dentist or change the oil in your car or mow your lawn, think about your roof. Just as those mundane acts of maintenance will prevent problems for your mouth, car, and yard, cleaning your roof will help you keep a solid roof over your head.





How to Help protect YOUR workplace from the Flu

by Jones Boys on 02/01/13

The flu and cold season in North America for 2013 seems to be coming on particularly harsh. Workplaces of all types and also places like health clubs in Bellevue WA, restaurants in Seattle WA, and medical facilities in Renton WA need to be aware of proper cleaning and disinfecting of commonly used areas and surfaces.

There is a recent blog article on the Zurich Insurance website that goes over proper "Cleaning and disinfection plans during the influenza outbreak" (You can find it here: ) Important tips for business owners and managers that want to make sure that they limit the amount of worktime lost, absenteeism, and sick days taken during this flu and cold season.

The article references four important components that need to be addresses: Areas to be cleaned/disinfected, frequency of cleaning, cleaning/disinfection materials that will be used, and material-specific cleaning procedures and techniques.  It also mentions that the cleaning and disinfection plan should be clearly documented in writing and communicated to all interested parties.  Okay, Wait......

....If you're doing all of this yourself as the business owner or manager, and/or if you're delegating someone on staff to clean your offices, are you really having them put an entire procedure into writing?  Do you have a normal cleaning plan written and checked off as of now?  Well, Jones Boys Maintenance would like to cut in and let you know that in all of our cleaning programs for offices, medical facilities, restaurant, and industrial facilities, we are very serious about making sure you get accurate reporting about the cleaning program and the performance of staff on a regular basis.  We do this quality control FOR YOU.

[Get a Free quote for Office Cleaning Services Today!]

This article goes into many other tips for you to consider in warding off sickness by keeping a regular cleaning schedule and covering the "high-traffic" areas of your workplace.  But, if you haven't considered it before, think about how much easier it would be to hire a professional company to handle all of the hassle and headache that managing a cleaning schedule can be. If you are interested, Jones Boys Maintenance wants you to know that you can develop a schedule that fits your business and fits your budget, but doesn't skimp on quality assurance. 

Just think, if you had hired us, you'd just need to send us an email and a link to this blog and say, "Hi. Please make sure we work this into our plan!  Thanks."  But, honestly, we already pay close attention to proper cleaning and disinfection procedures, and we do it year-round.....not just during flu season.

Everett Janitorial Services with Jones Boys!

by Jones Boys on 01/14/13

For all of you fellow business owners out there, you know how difficult it can be when folks don't know that you service THEIR area. For instance, we began our business in Bellevue, WA and service Greater Seattle-area businesses regularly, but many potential customers don't realize that we have the ability to perform Janitorial Services in Everett, WA just as easily.

The Jones Boys Maintenance Network is a FAR-REACHING company that makes sure you have a cleaning specialist for the type of work you need done. Window washing, Roof Cleaning, Pressure washing, and any other kind of specialty job, is guaranteed to be done by professionals that are extremely experienced at doing that exact type of work. If you're looking for Everett, WA Janitorial Services on a regular or nightly basis, we are dedicated to showing you quality, and quality control in the cleaning and maintenance we do.

Performing Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Everett, WA businesses can be proud of, is important to our company. With millions of square feet of cleaning experience, you are guaranteed the finest professional service available. Our list of businesses with long-term relationships with us truly speaks for itself. We have many Everett-area customers that have been working with Jones Boys for over 20 years! That's Consistency, and that shows that we can prove a valuable asset to your business and your home as well. We have the experience, in both Everett WA Residential Cleaning and Everett WA Commercial Contract Cleaning, and we have a track record of reliability---we deliver quality every time out.

Jones Boys Maintenance provides Honest work that has set a new standard for Janitorial Companies in Everett WA, and office cleaning companies in general. Commercial Cleaning Everett businesses want and can be proud of, that's our reputation.

Hopefully, this helps us get the word out that WE ARE an Everett Janitorial company, and that we cannot wait for the opportunity to serve you. If you're even a little bit intrigued by our service, you owe it to yourself to give us a call (206-903-6300) and get yourself a quote for the cleaning you need done. Don't even worry about what kind of cleaning project it is, because we mean it when we say that with Jones Boys Maintenance, "One Call Cleans It ALL!"

PRO Cleaning Tips: Proper Dilution of Cleaning Chemicals

by Jones Boys on 12/27/12

The Holiday season is going to winding down shortly, and you may be looking at a bit of extra cleaning up. Some of you may have hosted parties or guests from out of town, or maybe it's all the extra cooking that has got your kitchen and dining areas a little messy. Your workplace might even have gotten a little extra messy with the office holiday parties or all of the extra goodies being brought in and eaten at desks.

Well, whether it's holiday-related cleaning or not, it's definitely winter time. Being that doors and windows tend to stay shut, you really don't want to be dealing with heavy fumes from the cleaning chemicals and sprays that you use. Professionals like us, Jones Boys Maintenance, know that you really shouldn't have to contend with harsh smells just to get the job done right. The problem is that people make a VERY common mistake when cleaning. They under-dilute their cleaning chemicals. Most cleaners have very specific instructions on their labels about what dilution to use for certain tasks. Yet, most people clean their homes or workplaces with little or no dilution for the cleaner---yuck!

It's not just an overwhelm scent that you are dealing with here. That scent can actually be caring harsh fumes and irritants. That's not even the worst of it. The chemical is designed to work WITH water to wash away dirt and stains, but if you use chemicals without considering proper dilution, you can even damage surfaces of all kinds! Damaging a surface is worse than just leaving it dirty----don't fall into this trap!

In an article we found on (read it at: ), they listed THREE simple rules for how to handle dilution ratios:

Rule #1: When working with these ratios, the lower number always represents the concentrated chemical and the higher number the volume of water into which it is to be mixed. Turn it around and there will be an enormous waste of chemical and other consequences such as overwhelming foam, surface damage, or even extreme product toxicity!

Rule #2: Remember the basic volume breakdown of a gallon. One gallon equals 4 quarts=8 pints=16 (8oz.) cups=128 ounces (oz.) Don’t forget the 128!

Rule #3: Divide using the ratio. For one gallon of concentrate, 1:4 would be 128 divided by 4, 128/4 or 32 oz. One quart (32 oz.) of chemical is added to 4 quarts (128 oz.) of water or 1:4. Another example: 1:32 would be 128 divided by 32, 128/32 = 4. Add four oz. of chemical to each gallon of water (128 oz.). This is the same ratio as 1oz. to a quart (32 oz.)

They also add that, "Many widely used liquid soaps, detergents, and degreasers can be diluted with clean water without compromising cleaning effectiveness. Many modern formulations are concentrated well beyond the level needed for everyday tasks. Full-strength products are sometimes best reserved for the heaviest soils or the greasiest surfaces."

Bleach is also very commonly under-diluted. Remember: it is only a disinfectant, NOT a cleaner. But, even at 1:100 ratio, it will disinfect many kitchen and bath surfaces effectively. It will also give off a lot less of the fumes we all associate with bleach.

Jones Boys and it's trained cleaning professionals are highly trained on techniques, chemical effectiveness, and chemical safety. If we're doing the cleaning, we make sure to do these things correctly. We hope that when you do your own cleaning, you'll make sure to follow proper dilution methods and use cleaners correctly. That's why we write up tips like this.

For heavy-duty projects around the home or office, or for scheduled cleanings, Jones Boys Maintenance would love to help! We clean business and homes, and handle the carpet cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and other big, messy projects that you might not want to handle yourself.

Lastly, a word of warning from our friends at "Certain household products shouldn't be diluted. Don't try to mix a cleaning agent using dishwasher detergent and water. Automatic dish detergents are too harsh to be used by hand. Don't dilute drain cleaners, oven cleaners, toilet-bowl cleaners, and other cleaning products intended for heavy-duty tasks unless directed to do so in product labeling."

Reliable Commercial Cleaning Services in Seattle, WA

by Jones Boys on 12/08/12

In this blog post, we felt it necessary to try introducing ourselves a little bit......

Are you Looking for Commercial Cleaning Services that perform up to your high standards? You've found it! Jones Boys Maintenance is a Seattle Cleaning Service company, specializing in quality-controlled Janitorial Service. Offices, Kitchens, Medical Facilities--you name the type of business, we have experience in keeping it clean! Give us a call to get our company on the job!

Since 1984, Jones Boys has kept its reputation and grown its ability to serve local area businesses large and small. In the Seattle, Bellevue WA, and Greater Puget Sound area, there are many options for who can clean and maintain your facility. Where Jones Boys Maintenance separates itself is with quality control on a consistent basis and a focus on customer service. The restaurant cleaning, Office maintaining, and Facility Janitorial work that we do has been with LONGTIME customers that have had their needs met and even exceeded by our cleaning company.

Sound like a bunch of hype? Listen to this account from just one of our customers, "When we opened PEARL, we knew that we needed a janitorial partner that we could count on. The Jones Boys team is always easy to work with and willing to go the extra mile to make our facilities top notch. We were pleased with their work and if we needed anything extra; it's just a phone call away. We would recommend their work to other businesses any time." -- Bradley Dickinson, Owner and Executive Chef, Pearl Bar & Dining.

Bradley knows what kind of service we are committed to providing. It's worth your time and the attention of the business you own or work for. Give us a call and get a quote on a project or a regularly-scheduled program. Jones Boys has the experience and standards you want.

We'll leave you with this excellent word from another long-time customer:

"I wanted you to know how happy we are with your services! I was impressed from the beginning with your response time to our inquiry and how easy it was to work with you. Your services were completely spelled out and your staff is really efficient and friendly, which makes a big difference.

"The best part for us is the excellent quality of work we're enjoying. Everyone here was amazed at the difference you made after just the first visit. And every time the crew comes in it has been so great to see what a remarkable job they have done. After years with another service, we are so relieved to finally be clean! I also appreciate the communication technique between us and the crew -- it works quite well.

"All in all we are so pleased with your service and would highly recommend you to anyone. You guys are the best! --- Thank you!!" -- Laurie Elter, Office Administrator, Magnum Crane Services, LLC

Brand New Blog!

by Jones Boys on 11/15/12

Welcome to our new blog and our first ever Jones Boys Maintenance blog posting.  We'll keep it simple here and just let you know that we'll be using this blog to keep you up to date with our service offerings, to throw out some important cleaning tips and advice, and to let you know some general thoughts on the industry (seeing as we've been operating in the greater Seattle area since 1984!).

Check back for more and also follow us on Facebook!  We'll post links to these posts there as well.

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