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Jones Boys Maintenance has been in the business of gutter cleaning in Kirkland since 1984. It's usually handled as a part of our complete (and affordable) roof cleaning service. We have specialists who focus on clearing and cleaning gutters and roofs year-round, and have done so for many years. You get an experienced professional, as opposed to average labor and workmanship.

It rains a lot in these parts, so having your gutters cleaned, especially the hard to reach ones, is essentially to properly channeling the rainwater away from the outer edges of your home. Water pouring over the edges of your gutters is unacceptable, and could end up causing water damage and mold deposits around the outside of your house or building. Downspouts can also become clogged and the average homeowner may not be well-versed in how a pro gets these cleared out without damaging them.

Roof and gutter cleaning requires special techniques, know-how, and most-importantly, safety measures. Many homeowners believe they can handle these duties just fine, and some may. For the majority of roof cleaning and gutter cleaning Kirkland folks need, you're going to be contending with safety issues that a licensed, bonded, and insured professional company should be taking on for you. Jones Boys is ready to get your gutters clear, your downspouts flowing, with a professional touch, and at an affordable rate. Call for your appointment, and over the phone quote today! 425-881-2977 
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