Regular cleaning for office spaces, industrial facilities, medical or dental clinics, car dealerships, retail spaces, and more!
Since 1984, we have had a collection of the most professional and service-minded cleaners in the Puget Sound, and have been providing janitorial service in Renton since day one. It's our quality-controlled service that keeps businesses coming back---some of which have remained with us for over twenty years. That's because Jones Boys Maintenance is about creating great value and maintaining your company's work space for the long haul. 

With our high level of service and attention to your business' particular needs, a quote on nightly janitorial cleaning from Jones Boys is tough to beat in overall value. Nowhere else can you cover all your bases more completely. We also have specialized ability to provide carpet care, hard floor care, pressure washing, and more, either as part of a program or on an as-needed basis. For a regularly scheduled cleaning or even to just try us out on one of our many specialized services, call or email us for a estimate now
It's time for you and your company to have a cleaning program that you can be proud of. Jones Boys Maintenance provides your company, the kind of quality controlled janitorial service Renton businesses will finally be satisfied with. Whether you operate out of an office space, have a restaurant, a medical clinic, or an industrial type work environment, we will give you professional-grade cleaning on a regular schedule, and at a great value!
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