When you want a deep clean and are ready for professional pressure washing service (at an affordable price) call Jones Boys Maintenance. We work with both commercial and residential projects and will provide expert services that will get your structure clean. Whether you are looking to restore your building's facade, siding, fence, walkway, driveway -- we can do it all.  We will remove the deep down dirt, grime, stains and graffiti.  

Residential Projects:  We are ready to restore your residence and help recondition the look of your house.  Not only can we pressure wash your house but we also are ready to expertly clean your fence, driveway and any surrounding concrete.   

Commercial Projects:​ Jones Boys Maintenance has been partnering with local businesses for over twenty years. We are ready to clean everything in a business- including structural pressure washing, concrete cleaning and driveway washing.  We will also keep the outside facade of your business clear of grime by using our professional services.  We will remove the dirt, stains and mildew.

Jones Boys Maintenance is ready to work for you and provide cost-effective, reliable cleaning.  When you contact us we will work with you to establish exactly what your business or residence needs and then clean it correctly.   With Jones Boys we are pleased to say that one call all truly does clean it all.

  • Affordable, Quality Pressure Washing
  • For Residential and Commercial Projects
  • Building and House Washing
  • Driveway and Parking Lot Washing
  • Walkway and Concrete Cleaning
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