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Seattle Janitorial Floor Stripping Company

Hard Floor Waxing, Stripping, Regular Cleaning

Professional Hard Floor Care For:

  • Business Office

  • Medical & Dental Clinics

  • Industrial Workplaces

  • Auto Dealerships/Showrooms

  • Restaurants and Eateries

  • Retail Facilities of All Kinds

Great businesses know that their offices need to look great, right down to the floors! Hard floors---floor waxing and floor stripping---require a true professional in order to get that "wow" factor for your patrons and clients. Jones Boys is always prepared to bring their decades of experience to your floors. The real difference between average and great floors can be found in a constant and consistent cleaning and maintenance program. Trust us, it's worth every penny to stay clean, shiny, and professional for both workers and customers. We are ready to handle this, and hopefully, add it to a more complete janitorial cleaning program for your business or facility.​

Jones Boys Maintenance Network has spent over 40 years cleaning impressively and assuring quality.

Call us at 206-903-6300 or fill out this form for a customized and FREE quote!

We've been providing hard floor care and Floor waxing in Seattle since 1984. Jones Boys Maintenance has a ridiculous amount of experience when it comes to cleaning and facility maintenance. You always receive the most attentive and knowledgeable service around. Our company is proud to have customers using our services for over two decades straight! It's no coincidence that those businesses we work with have thrived with the help of our cleaning programs for hard floor care and more.

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Seattle's Best Hard Floor Care
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Seattle Commercial Waxing and Stripping

We have experience in all floor-care areas. We offer you floor waxing, floor stripping, excellent cleaning programs, plus burnishing or buffing. If you have regular floor care needs, you may also want to look at what our company can offer in the way of commercial cleaning in the Seattle area. Jones Boys handles one-time floor care projects, but you get the most value for your facility in working with us as part of a complete cleaning program. Contact the Jones Boys Maintenance Network today to get started with your project or program!

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