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Green Cleaning Can Benefit Your Seattle/Puget Sound Area Business!

Environmental worries have dominated many people's attention lately. Individuals and corporations are becoming more aware of their environmental footprint and exploring ways to improve it. A business leader may be considering ways to incorporate more sustainable practices. One great starting point is digging into green commercial cleaning with its many benefits for businesses and the environment. Jones Boys Maintenance can clean with any green cleaning initiatives you may have!

Green Office Cleaning Seattle and Bellevue

Green cleaning uses non-toxic, biodegradable, or environmentally friendly products to clean indoors and outdoors. It emphasizes waste reduction, water conservation, and sustainable resource use. Many organizations employ standard cleaning chemicals for disinfection, but they can irritate the eyes, skin, and lungs. These pollutants in our drains harm the ecology and sensitive outdoor habitats. Instead, green cleaning products are safe for individuals and the environment. Green cleaning solutions can kill bacteria and germs without the hazards of chemical-laden alternatives thanks to new technologies. Below are some of the most compelling benefits of green cleaning for your business.

Green Commercial Cleaning Solutions Benefits:

Reducing Harmful Byproducts

The biggest benefit of using eco-friendly cleaning products is reducing your company's hazardous byproduct creation. This protects the local ecosystem, conserves resources, and reduces your carbon impact. Green cleaning products don't release air-polluting VOCs. They're biodegradable, improving indoor and outdoor air quality. Jones Boys is committed to using the right products for your office cleaning or building janitorial program to achieve green standards.

A Healthy Place for Clients and Workplace for Employees

By using green cleaning methods, you may improve your business's air quality and reduce employee and guest exposure to harmful chemicals. Such a healthy environment can improve worker efficiency and client safety---not to mention enjoyment. Publicizing your green initiatives may also help to gain new clients who are looking for companies that are more environmentally conscious. Plus, some are simply trying to avoid harsh chemicals for their own health, especially those with little children, the elderly, or pets.

Promote Your Environment Consciousness 

As we just mentioned, the growing emphasis on environmental preservation makes people prefer companies that share their ideals. Companies that value sustainability are gaining popularity. This positioning helps you stand out from competitors, attract and keep more customers, and boost revenue. Jones Boys' office cleaning services can help provide customers with another reason to choose you. So, make signs or mention it to prospective clients: your building and your company make the effort to be GREEN!

Furnishings, Flooring, Etc. Last Longer

Traditional cleaning agents are toxic and can accelerate infrastructure degradation. Abrasive agents fade colors and deteriorate materials. Green alternatives keep office furniture, equipment, and flooring in good condition for longer, saving time and money.

Green Commercial Cleaning from Jones Boys

Jones Boys consistently provides excellent janitorial services to keep our clients' environments clean and healthy. With 40 years of experience in janitorial service, we understand the importance of eco-friendly cleaning AND that it is possible for every business. Every employee deserves a clean office, and clients and colleagues demand the same. We use tested products to keep the environment clean and safe. Our thorough services clean every corner of your workstation. Our improved processes promote a healthy work environment to ensure business continuity. Use our proven cleaning methods and quality assurance.

Green Cleaning Products Still Work Very Well

Cleaning products are chosen based on efficacy and EPA compliance. We proudly associate with the US Green Building Council, follow LEED certification criteria, and are Green Seal accredited. Our green commercial cleaning solutions are non-toxic, biodegradable, and quality-tested. But, we must be clear, that most of these products are actually just as effective as the

alternative---so you really aren't sacrificing cleaning ability for the most part. Jones Boys Maintenance, Inc. provides a clean business space without violating environmental standards. Our cleaning methods and solutions follow EPA rules, reflecting our ecological goals.

Contact the Jones Boys team today to learn more about our top-tier green cleaning solutions and eco-friendly offers!


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