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Nightly Restaurant Cleaning in Seattle

Providing the Best Restaurant Cleaning in Seattle

Jones Boys Will Maintain Your Restaurant!

  • Cleaning Around Your Schedule

  • Resetting Your Restaurant Properly

  • Keeping Floors & Carpets Clean

  • Maintenance of All Eatery Areas

  • Trained to Perform To Standards

When it comes to restaurant cleaning and continual maintenance, it's hard to be modest, because Jones Boys is second to none. For over three decades we've kept a roster of some of the most elegant and successful restaurants in the city. Our consistent restaurant cleaning service meets high standards for appearances and all health-code standards.

We enjoy working for long-term success and sustainability with our restaurant cleaning relationships. Jones Boys understands the unique qualities that come into play. Restaurants and food-service businesses have two separate areas of concern in keeping clean and orderly. You have the dining areas and kitchen/food-prep areas.

Jones Boys Maintenance Network has spent over 40 years cleaning impressively and assuring quality.

Call us at 206-903-6300 or fill out this form for a customized and FREE quote!

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Restaurant Cleaning Service
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Seattle Commercial Restaurant Cleaning

​Dining areas can have both carpets AND hard floors to care for, plus the chairs, tables, and more that must be clean, disinfected, and sanitized properly on a daily basis in most cases. The dining area is vital to the atmosphere of your restaurant. Food prep areas must be kept clean and sanitary, by law in fact. But you'll need a cleaning company that understands the importance and difference between the two areas. That's where Jones Boys Maintenance has been so successful over the years.

When we say that we commonly perform commercial cleaning in Seattle, we mean any business. We clean restaurants, eateries, and bars anywhere in the greater Puget Sound. You're the best bet at keeping your restaurant's clientele coming back to enjoy your establishment, which is investing in an immaculate environment. This can only be achieved by getting a quality company on a regular maintenance schedule. Call Jones Boys today to see just how affordable and wise a choice they are --- 206-903-6300. Get your free estimate and see why restaurant cleaning Seattle establishments has been one of the strongest sections of our business since 1984.

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